Why mess with a classic? Well, in this case there are plenty of reasons. Nutrition student Clare Holberton shares her nutrient-dense version of Australia's much-loved vegemite spread. 

Why mess with a classic? Well, in this case there are plenty of reasons. Regular Vegemite has artificial colours and flavours, active yeasts that are grown on wheat and barley (which can be problematic for gluten sensitive folk) and MSG which has been linked to a range of health concerns.

For our family it’s a spread we don’t want to be consuming daily, and my husband actually prefers the taste of this and what’s better – it’s like a superfood spread! The nutritional yeast is full of B Vitamins, there is lots of calcium from the tahini and let’s not forget the inclusion of gut loving apple cider vinegar!


200g black tahini

100g tamari or coconut aminos

15g nutritional yeast flakes

25g apple cider vinegar


Mix together in a food processor of the old fashioned way (using a bowl, spoon and some elbow grease! Keep in the fridge and enjoy.

Posted by Clare Holberton
Clare Holberton

Clare Holberton is a Brisbane-based nutrition student with a passion for supporting people on their individual journey of health and wellness. She shares her recipes and holistic insights on social media to inspire others to get cooking in the kitchen and reap the many health benefits.

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