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Make your own Golden Spiced Body Oil

17 May 2017

Make your own Golden Spiced Body Oil

Calendula is the star ingredient in this recipe, with its resins being used traditionally to stimulate skin healing. Vitamin E found naturally in sweet almond oil supports this process. The rest of the ingredients are just for fun, and deliver an aromatic final product that smells like holidays and being snuggled up by the fireplace.

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400ml sweet almond oil
50g dried calendula petals
3 tablespoons dried cloves
3 dried cinnamon sticks
Peel of 3 oranges


1. Using a coffee or spice grinder, process the calendula petals until fine.

2. Place oil, powdered petals, orange peel, cloves, and crushed cinnamon sticks into a blender.

3. Process for 20-30 seconds.

4. Pour into a clean, sterile glass jar and replace lid.

5. Place jar in a cool, dark place for two weeks.

6. Strain oil through muslin and discard solids.

7. Pour oil into a freshly sterilised, amber glass jar or bottle.

8. Store in the fridge and use within 2-3 months.

Note: There is no such thing as too little or too much with this body oil. Just apply it to skin as you like. As always with organic remedies, keep refrigerated and keep an eye out for spoilage. Always patch test before use.

Calendula is the star ingredient in this recipe

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