Before Gina Ulrich became a clinical nutritionist, she was a nurse and saw first-hand many people with preventable diseases. Determined to make sure her young family was as healthy as it could be, Gina decided to change her career. She has no regrets. Here, Gina shares her advice about how to make sure you’re fulfilled by your career.

  1. Check how you feel about your current career
    “We spend a lot of our life at work and it makes up a huge component of our overall health. If you’re not fulfilled by what you do, it’s time to make a change,” Gina says. “Before you do, ask yourself what it is that you’d really like to change? For me, it was important to have greater career flexibility and balance, so I could work and be a mum.” 
  2. Identify your interests and values
    “Start by writing down your hobbies, interests and values,” says Gina. “If your career aligns with your passions, you’ll stick at it, even when the going gets tough and you’ll enjoy your work. Looking back, I’ve got the most out of the subjects I found the trickiest.” Early in her career, Gina shared her experience with polycystic ovaries. By doing so, she attracted women with the same condition. “It helped me find my niche in natural fertility, conception, pregnancy and hormone analysis for women.”  
  3. Consider what you offer to others
    “I’ve always enjoyed hands-on interaction with other people. As a nurse, I used these skills to care for patients. When I studied at Endeavour, I loved the buzz I got from working in the Wellnation Clinic with clients,” Gina says. “My nursing background also definitely helped me with the science subjects like anatomy and physiology.” 
  4. Explore your career options 
    “You’ve got to honest about the traits you need in a career. To be a nutritionist working in a clinic, you’ll need to be open, a good listener and genuinely interested in people,” she says. “Today, there are endless pathways for nutritionists, you don’t have to work in a clinic. You might provide nutrition advice to health companies or create recipes for brands. You can review products, conduct research or teach nutrition.” 
  5. Get ready to be surprised 
    “I was surprised at the depth of knowledge you need,” Gina says. “I thought nutrition was just about food but, I really didn’t understand how much impact food has on our health. There is also new research coming out all the time.” 
    "Social media is a big driver in getting my name out there and building my client base,” Gina says. “I started by sharing photos of what I had for breakfast. It snowballed quickly from there. I’m always surprised about how many people are interested in what a nutritionist eats!”
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