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Winter bugs be gone with Reece Carter’s herbal throat spray

8 August 2017 Reece Carter

Winter bugs be gone with Reece Carter’s herbal throat spray

When we challenged our naturopathy graduate and self-confessed ‘herb nerd’ Reece Carter to create a natural remedy for the bugs that can arise throughout cold and flu season each winter, it wasn’t long before Reece unveiled his Sage and Calendula Throat Spray.

Designed to soothe a sore throat, this winter remedy packs a therapeutic punch and combines sage, a traditional antibacterial, with soothing calendula to fight the nasties that cause sore throats and support the body’s natural healing processes.

While the modern naturopath is trained and qualified to prescribe practitioner-grade herbal medicine as part of a treatment plan, let’s not forget many common herbs can be found in your pantry or garden to relieve common seasonal symptoms. 

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Calendula and sage tincture:

  • 25g dried calendula petals
  • 25g dried sage leaves
  • vodka, to cover

Throat spray:

  • 50ml of calendula and sage tincture
  • 50ml boiling water (filtered)
  • 1 tablespoon food-grade vegetable glycerine


1. Grind the sage and calendula in a coffee and spice grinder.

2. Pour into a sterile glass jar and add just enough vodka to cover the solids (approx. 200-300ml).

3. Replace lid, and leave jar in a cool, dark place for two weeks.

4. Strain contents of jar through muslin, and discard solids. The remaining liquid is called a tincture and can be stored in a sterile glass jar or bottle for use in this and other remedies.

5. Stir vegetable glycerine through boiling water until completely dissolved. Leave to cool.

6. Measure out 50ml of the tincture and pour into a 100ml spray bottle.

7. Pour in cool water/glycerine solution and replace lid.

8. Shake well before each use. Can be used as often as three or four times per day, and will last three months in the fridge.

Calendula petals

Reece Carter

About Reece Carter

Reece Carter is a qualified Naturopath and holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy). As a renowned herbalist, Reece has earned himself the nickname "herb-nerd" in the wellness community, and his writing has been featured in the Australian Women's Weekly, Women's Fitness Magazine, and Sporteluxe, as well as on countless blogs.

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