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Toast’s up: A naturopath’s 5 favourite commercial breads

20 June 2016 Meg Thompson

Toast’s up: A naturopath’s 5 favourite commercial breads

What a mouth-watering job I had putting this piece together. A job not to be taken lightly, as bread is a very important and beloved part of many people’s day. I took it upon myself to eat countless pieces of smashed avo on toast in the name of research! As a naturopath, I have a lot of conversations with patients about reducing or substituting their current bread with another. It’s so fabulous to know we have some great commercial options to cover most needs.

There is a HUGE difference in quality between breads. Highly refined, sugar and salt laden, ‘invisible fibre’ containing commercial breads not only have nothing to offer nutritionally, they are actually stripping our bodies of nutrients as we process them. And yet a good quality bread can be a meal in a slice, full of nutrients and sustaining energy.

Bread love can be quite unique, so the list that I came up with below covers most bases in terms of different textures, densities and ingredients. Hopefully it will help you discover a new love.

1. Ancient Grains Organic Oat Sourdough

Ingredients: Organic oat flour and sourdough, organic oat bran, filtered water, olive oil, sea salt.

This is to go-to bread for my family. The texture is amazing – not too light and not too dense, and super child friendly. My daughters love it. It’s slightly denser than regular bread but still light enough to use for a sandwich. It’s also great for those with wheat or gluten sensitivities – but who can tolerate oats. The ingredients list speaks for itself. Gold star! I love the whole Ancient Grains range.

$7.50 per loaf

2. Healthybake Wholemeal Spelt Sourdough

Ingredients: Organic wholegrain spelt flour, filtered water, olive oil, sea salt, sourdough culture.

A beautiful, light textured bread that makes a great substitute for those who are used to a more ‘commercial’ style of bread. Simple ingredients come together to make this popular beauty, and it tastes great too. Fantastic straight up or toasted.

From $8.50 per loaf

3. Ancient Grains Organic Rye Breakfast Bread

Ingredients: Organic rye flour and sourdough, filtered water, oats, pears, sultanas, currants, apricots, peaches, sunflower, sesame and linseeds, oat bran, sea salt.

This bread is ridiculously delicious. It’s a fabulous special occasion fruit and nut bread, dense and studded with all sorts of yum. Gorgeous toasted with lashings of butter, or fresh ricotta.

$9.35 per loaf

4. Pure Life Sourdough Sprouted Bread

Ingredients: Organic khorasan and sunflower kernel sprouted with filtered water, sourdough culture, trace amounts of olive oil.

This is one pretty amazing ingredient list. Pure Life have a range of breads that are made from the sprouted whole grain and seed, rather than flour. Khorasan is an ancient species of wheat, and because it has been sprouted is much more easily digested. These sprouted breads have a dense, heavier style (although the sourdough is the lightest in the range) that work really well sliced, toasted and topped with your favourite savoury or sweet toppings.

From $8 per loaf

5. Deeks Grain Free Bakery Multiseed Loaf

Ingredients: Water, tapioca, quinoa flour, soy flour, seeds (mustard, white sesame, black sesame, pepita, caraway), sunflower oil, vinegar, yeast, sugar, salt, guar gum.

I had to include a gluten free option in the mix! Deeks breads are handmade, preservative free and delicious. Catie from The Staple Store says it’s the best tasting gluten free bread available. Deeks also have soy-free options, and a delicious looking Pumpkin and Pepita loaf!

$10.10 per loaf


It’s also great to know that a visit to your local farmers market or health food shop will likely unearth some more bread goodness. Or you might even like to try making your own!

Meg Thompson

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