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Vegie Head shares her favourite things

12 September 2014 Endeavour College of Natural Health

Vegie Head shares her favourite things

Join the Wellspring team as we ask Australia’s leading health and wellness experts to share the products, services and places they can’t do without.

This edition we spoke with bubbly foodie, author and leading vegan blogger Adele McConnell, founder of Vegie Head, about the ‘non negotiables’ which keep her happy, healthy, focused and motivated.

Organic produce from Replenish

For the best produce in Melbourne, I get home delivery from natural health store Replenish in Williamstown. Because creating delicious recipes is my life, I will only cook with the best. I love the taste, freshness and colour that comes with buying organic produce. I’ve visited farms over the years and admire the farmer’s ability to grow such beautiful, life giving food. replenish.net.au

Fruit and vegetable boxes from $40

The Abyssinian Restaurant, Kensington

The Abyssinian is one of my all time favourite restaurants. They have an amazing menu with a special vegan/vegetarian section, and I always get the vegan mixed plate! Served on injera bread, the spicy and mild curries, crisp vegies and creamy lentils really appease my appetite. To top it off, Jonathan the owner is genuine, friendly, and always has a massive smile on his face! theabyssinian.com.au

Acupuncture with Dr Paul Carter

I am a Traditional Chinese Medicine junkie. I love it. I originally saw my acupuncturist Dr Paul Carter for an immobile back, adrenal fatigue, and post surgery care. That was over four years ago, and I still go once a week for maintenance and balance. I am a highly creative person, and I often need someone to slow me down, before my body makes me slow down. Acupuncture and herbs are my lifeline! Dr Paul Carter not only uses needles, but a number of other lifestyle techniques I incorporate into my daily life. wrnm.com.au

From $95 a session

New York

I make a habit of going away on holiday at least twice a year. This is important for my health, wellbeing, and my marriage! My husband and I both work such long hours, so holidays for us are all about reconnecting and spending time together. I love warm, tropical destinations, but also find massive inspiration and motivation in the hustle and bustle of big cities like New York City.

MicrOrganics Green Nutritionals Vanuatu Wild Harvest Coconut Oil

Coconut oil really is my all time favourite wonder oil. I cleanse and moisturize with it, and you will find lots of my favourite coconut oil recipes in my program. I even give it to my dogs and use it on their skin! My coconut oil of choice is the MicrOrganics brand because it tastes and feels amazing. I slather it on, morning and night! greennutritionals.com.au

Sacred Self Alchemical Oils

I am a sensual person. I love touch and taste, and I love smell. I have a very strong sense of smell, and I can pick up on good (or bad) smells very quickly. I use Sacred Self Alchemical Oils everyday on my skin. I have the entire collection, but Goddess, Peace and Self Love are my current favourites. I love that each Sacred Self Alchemical Oil is hand-made during a meditation ceremony and infused with sound, light, colour, sacred symbols, crystals and a pure intention. sacredself.com.au

From $49

My Stripped Bare health and beauty routine

My Stripped Bare program helps people strip back the layers and find simple ways to nourish themselves with recipes using plant-based foods that will change their body and life by making them feel sexy and alive with no judgement or gimmicks. vegiehead.com/program


About Adele

Adele McConnell is the effervescent founder of vegiehead.com, a place where saucy, tempting recipes live and inspiring words touch hearts. Adele is an author and recipe evolutionist for people who want to enjoy more plant-based recipes in their diet. Adele’s aim is to change the way people see vegan food forever. vegiehead.com  

Endeavour College of Natural Health

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