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Sustainable consumerism more than just fashionable

8 January 2013 Endeavour College of Natural Health

Sustainable consumerism more than just fashionable

After surviving cancer, Australian fashion model Amanda Rootsey (pictured left) dramatically transformed her life following a distinguished career representing brands including Cartier, Alex Perry and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Today Amanda devotes her career to supporting sustainable consumerism by working only with sustainable brands, and was drawn to the College of Natural Beauty.

5 mins with Amanda Rootsey

You are known for your work to champion the cause of sustainable beauty and fashion in Australia. How did this come about?

Throughout the experience of battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma my whole perspective on the consumer industry has changed and as a result I made major changes to the way I live and work.

I’m determined to raise awareness of how important sustainable consumerism is and to use my work to shine a light on the growing number of companies choosing to embrace sustainability and become more environmentally friendly.

When companies hire a model they are hiring someone to represent their brand. I think it is so much more authentic when that face also shares your brand’s values.

What other lifestyle changes did you make in the wake of your cancer diagnosis?

I became a vegan and moved to a solar powered caravan where I could grow my own vegetables and had no access to electricity, power or phone lines on top of a mountain at the Sunshine Coast to take myself ‘off the grid’.

I have since moved but continue to live simply, only use vegan and cruelty-free products on my skin and I wear no animal products.

What does 2013 have in store for Amanda Rootsey?

One of my biggest projects in 2012 was the launch of the Vegan Card, Australia’s first vegan loyalty card which gives card holders access to hundreds of exclusive discounts for vegan products and services. This year through our online vegan portal www.vegancard.com.au we will bring more partners on board and will launch an international Vegan Card as well.

I am also extremely excited about my new personal development school SHINE from Within launching this month. We offer a Summer School and a Model Masterclass run from the Sunshine Coast. What really sets SHINE apart is the holistic approach to the training.

I believe that self-love and self-worth go hand-in-hand with looking great, feeling great and being the very best version of yourself. We don’t just teach our students how to present themselves on the outside, but give them the tools to nourish their body, mind and spirit from the inside.

Editor's Note

What is sustainable consumerism?

Sustainable consumerism describes the choosing of products and services which draw on minimal materials from the environment and do not employ harmful production methods. Ultimately, sustainable consumerism is about living within our means and factoring in the finite resources available into our purchasing decisions.

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