Most people have heard of a physiotherapist, but have you heard of a myotherapist? Similar in some ways but quite different in others, we look at just what the differences are between myotherapists and physiotherapists.

The study

A three-year Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy) degree equips graduates to work in private health roles, such as private clinics, sporting teams, privately operated community groups, and other similar roles. Some physiotherapists also work in these areas, however their undergraduate degree is not solely focussed on this.

Physiotherapists in Australia have to undertake a four-year undergraduate degree. A physiotherapy degree predominantly prepares physiotherapists for work in public health such as hospitals and community centres.

The regulations

Myotherapists are usually members of non-government regulated associations which allow them to receive health rebates from private health funds when they graduate. Physiotherapists are nationally registered and regulated by AHPRA, which allows them to work in hospitals.

The techniques

Many physiotherapists practice the same types of techniques as myotherapist, including soft tissue techniques, mobilisations, exercise prescription and client education. Some physiotherapists also practice dry needling, though this is not included in their undergraduate degree as it is in the Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy) degree.

Interested in trying myotherapy for yourself?

Myotherapy involves an in-depth physical evaluation and a therapeutic approach in the treatment of affected joints, nerves and muscles. Our Wellnation clinics not only provide Endeavour College’s students with invaluable clinic hours, they also offer high quality treatments for members of the public at competitive prices – including a range of myotherapy treatments. For the full price list and to book yourself in for a treatment, visit the website.

Study Endeavour’s Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy) degree

Available at our Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney campuses nationally, this degree is three-years full time and requires 24 hours contact hours per week. Students gain a deep understanding of human biology, musculoskeletal anatomy and function with subjects offered both on campus and online. To find out more about the course, head here.

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