From retail to hospitality to outdoor adventure, Inez Tolley has had a rich and varied working life. A freak accident, which occurred while she was on a boat, left her with a significant back injury that led Inez to myotherapy.

“I was in my mid-twenties and I couldn’t walk, or sleep or sit. I thought I’d have to live with severe pain for the rest of my life,” Inez says. “Then I tried a dry needling session, and the experience was so incredible, I decided to change careers.” 

Inez enrolled at Endeavour College of Natural Health on the Gold Coast. She started studying remedial massage full-time while she worked full-time in retail. By the time she transferred to a Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy), Inez had established her own business as a remedial therapist and was gaining hands-on experience as she expanded her skills and knowledge.

“My clients knew I was studying a degree and many of them transitioned with me to myotherapy after I graduated.” Inez now runs her own practice, Momentum Muscle Therapy.

“I get a lot of word-of-mouth referrals, and I treat a wide variety of clients – from athletes to weekend warriors, from children to the elderly, and people with acute to chronic pain. Everybody is a puzzle, and I love using integrative techniques and an innovative approach during treatments to get the best health outcome. Humans are multi-faceted beings, which means optimal health is multi-layered.”

“Many people come to me when they’ve already tried everything else,” Inez says, “Most people don’t realise how exhausting it is to live with pain until they don’t feel it anymore. I understand this from my experience, and now I have the tools to help other people live a full and healthy life. I’m definitely right where I wanted to be.”  

Eventually, Inez would like to have a multimodality clinic offering complementary therapies with a range of therapists. But she also hasn’t discounted going into research. “We need to support the techniques we use with evidence to keep our modality relevant and evolving,” she says. 

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