An alumni survey recently released confirmed Endeavour graduates are an entrepreneurial group.

An alumni survey recently released confirmed Endeavour graduates are an entrepreneurial group, with those working in private practice almost twice as likely to be running their own clinic than working as an employee in a clinic.

The survey showed 44% of Endeavour College alumni respondents working in clinical practice either owned and operated a clinic practice as a sole trader or in partnership compared with 26% of respondents who worked for a clinic they did not own.

“This survey shows the majority of our graduates working in private practice have taken the courageous step of branching out to build a clinic of their own and are playing an active role in building our booming natural health industry,” said Endeavour Learning Group CEO Carolyn Barker AM.

The survey confirmed the vast majority of Endeavour graduates are working in their field of expertise, with 85% of respondents currently using their qualification in clinical practice.

Results also show graduate morale was high, with 77% of Endeavour higher education alumni reporting they were happy with their ability to work in their chosen field. 72% said they were equipped to successfully help their clients within one year of graduating.

The results confirmed many Australians are turning to natural health careers because of the ability to pursue flexible work arrangements. 18.7% of survey respondents are currently working less than ten hours a week, 19.7% are working between ten and 24 hours a week and 34.8% are working more than 25 hours a week.

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