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Sisters in business: five things we have learnt

29 November 2013 Sweat and Oranges

Sisters in business: five things we have learnt

We have always been very close siblings. Even with a five year age gap between us we were good friends as teenagers, and once I turned 18 we were pretty inseparable. What we discovered during our twenties was that as Jayne was developing a passion for workout sessions, I was developing a passion for nutrient dense wholefoods. Suddenly Jayne found herself working as a personal trainer and loving it, while I embarked on a Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Nutrition and the idea of us one day working together was conceived. At this stage Instagram didn’t exist, Facebook was relatively new and the wellbeing blog world was just starting to take flight.

So we sat on it for a couple of years. We talked about it often... how we would love to work together and what that would look like. When Jayne moved to London at the start of 2011, we took the opportunity to continue discussions over Skype and thousands of text messages later was when Sweat and Oranges was born.

Being in business together works really well because although we are both passionate about our mantra healthy is a way of life, our strengths are quite different, and together we believe we are a good match and able to provide a well rounded and educated view of our healthy living philosophy.

At this stage we feel like we are only just scratching the surface of where we see Sweat and Oranges going and we are definitely enjoying the journey together.

5 lessons we have learnt along the way...

1. Two is better than one. There is always something you will miss or a new idea the other can bring to the table.

2. Sometimes you have to compromise. We don’t always see eye to eye and during those times we remember each of our opinions are important and we must meet each other half way.

3. Listen to each other. Along with compromising, we make sure we validate each other’s thoughts and opinions on business (and life!).

4. Inspire each other. Even we need to be motivated sometimes, so we are constantly sharing fun new recipes and workouts with each other.

5. Keep dreaming. We are big believers in vision boards and constantly look to people and things that inspire and motivate us.

Sweat and Oranges

About Sweat and Oranges

Sweat and Oranges is an online business offering nutrition and personal training consultations along with free recipes and blog posts, run by sisters Jayne and Katie. Jayne is a personal trainer, kettlebell enthusiast and the ’sweat’ of the business. Katie is a nutrition student at Endeavour College, a green juice addict and the ’oranges’.

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