Learn about how Endeavour College of Natural Health has partnered with the Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine (ARCCIM) to strengthen the body of evidence-based research supporting the complementary health sector.

In a milestone achievement for the complementary medicine industry, Endeavour College of Natural Health has partnered with the Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine (ARCCIM) in a move to strengthen the body of evidence based research supporting the sector.

In a sign of its commitment, ARCCIM and Endeavour have established an Office of Research dedicated to strengthening professional practice for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) professionals through greater research outcomes.

Natural health practitioner, PhD graduate and respected academic Amie Steel (pictured) has been appointed to lead the Office’s efforts as University of Technology Sydney (UTS) ARCCIM Post Doctoral Fellow and Endeavour Associate Director of Research.

CEO Endeavour Learning Group Carolyn Barker AM said Endeavour students and the wider complementary medicine industry would benefit from the pivotal partnership.

“Teaming with Australia’s leading CAM specialist research centre will see Endeavour become a renowned research contributor in its own right. This will expand the body of evidence based research for CAM in Australia and underpins our decision to develop a research specific honours qualification at Endeavour which will give our students and graduates a unique edge,” said Carolyn.

“It is a move which will see Endeavour take an active role in developing the next generation of CAM researchers in Australia whose work will inform the future of the industry.”

“It is also an important step in our journey towards achieving University College status within the next five years, one of the cornerstones of our strategic plan.”

Director of ARCCIM and Professor of Public Health UTS Jon Adams said he was thrilled to see ARCCIM partner with Australia’s most exciting natural health education provider to promote and advance the industry.

“This partnership will give us the chance to link research to practice and practice to research by bringing our expertise together to explore how our work can impact on patient care and outcomes,” said Jon.

Amie will ensure Endeavour students and staff at each campus have the opportunity to advance their research credentials through programs which will provide assistance for industry journal submissions, research project support and advice about research specific higher degrees.

“Students wishing to add research skills to their toolkit will have a clear and easy to follow pathway. To have that type of support before you graduate will make all the difference,” said Amie.

“We will also invite researchers to present their work to academic staff and students in regular interactive sessions we will broadcast online. It is so important to give our people access to researchers at the coal face.”

Since taking up her new role, Amie is already working on new research which will explore the impact of private health insurance on complementary medicine use in pregnancy and birth outcomes of women who consulted with a complementary health practitioner during pregnancy.

Amie said it was the ideal time to generate relevant research outcomes in previously untested areas to support the industry’s position at a time of flux.

“There is so much positive potential, and critical research will help us more effectively collaborate with the conventional medicine industry and help the industry stand strong together and find a positive way forward,” said Amie.

About Amie

Amie Steel has spent her career working concurrently as a naturopath and academic and has played a role in educating the next generation of natural health practitioners at a number of colleges around Australia. In recent years Amie has undertaken complementary medicine research with a focus on pregnancy and women’s health, curriculum content of health courses and the integration and regulation of complementary medicine. Amie is widely published in text books and peer-reviewed journals, has spoken at international research conferences and is on the editorial board for multiple international peer-reviewed industry and research journals.  

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