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How I scored a job with Sarah Wilson before I graduated

21 February 2017 Endeavour College of Natural Health

How I scored a job with Sarah Wilson before I graduated

If there is one lesson 27 year old naturopath Emily Seddon has learnt in her career, it is the power of 'just going for it'. Staying true to that mantra saw Emily follow her heart to a degree in natural health, and eventually land a job working for best selling author Sarah Wilson's business I Quit Sugar in her final year of studies.

The popular and rapidly growing startup selected Emily from a huge group of candidates to take on the role of Customer Service Manager and later resident naturopath. Before she knew it she was working alongside one of Australia's most loved authors at I Quit Sugar headquarters.

Emily soon learned working on the brand behind the groundbreaking eight week program and website lived up to her every expectation, with the office boasting its own huge kitchen, worm farm and compost bin.

"It was unreal — there was recipe testing most weeks which was always one of my favourite parts of the job. Because it was a startup and growing so quickly, there was also an opportunity to get involved in pretty much every part of the business which was an incredible experience,” Emily said.

During her time with the I Quit Sugar team Emily provided naturopathy support to clients going through the 8-Week program, got stuck into recipe testing, tried her hand at social media posting and kept on top of client queries. Emily also had the chance to meet some iconic figures from the world of nutrition like Lee Holmes, and take advantage of generous professional development courses to further her skills.

Emily also had the chance to work with Sarah Wilson directly, and said what struck her most was the authenticity she applies to her work.

"I didn't know what to expect given her huge popularity, but I quickly realised after working with Sarah that she has great intentions and is guided by this huge desire to want everyone to be healthy and live their best lives. I wish everyone in the world had the same intention,” Emily said.

With almost 1.2 million people having quit sugar through the program and Sarah's books, Emily took the chance to soak up as much corporate wisdom as possible.

"The biggest things I took away from working with Sarah and the I Quit Sugar General Manager Zoe Eaton was that if you have an idea and put all your energy into it there's no reason why you can't achieve your vision. That's what Sarah and Zoe did — they used whatever they had at their disposal to share I Quit Sugar with the world, and it eventually became what it is today,” said Emily.

"It taught me that anyone can start their own business if they really want to."

Emily left I Quit Sugar last year to take the next step in her career and secured a job as a naturopath for health goods manufacturing company Australian NaturalCare.

"I work alongside a team of naturopaths to design the products and also to conduct telephone consults with customers as we get lots of questions about our supplements and possible interactions with different medications. It's taught me about the huge amount of time and effort that goes into the claims made to market supplements and tablets, and the important role the Therapeutic Goods Association plays,” Emily said.

Emily said her last two roles had given her valuable insight into the natural health industry and rounded out her experiences.

"I always thought I wanted to practice, but realistically going straight into practising from uni can be difficult. I've really loved how the route I've taken has allowed me to learn about the business world from a different angle,” Emily said.

Emily has also teamed up with fellow Endeavour naturopathy graduate Gemma Shelton to create a mobile clinic and information service called the Wellness Pod. The duo is also committed to supporting recent naturopathy graduates through quarterly networking events.

What working at I Quit Sugar taught me about social media

It's all about the strategy
Most people look at a social media platform like Instagram and think it boils down to sharing photos wherever you can. For your account to be successful there needs to be a reason behind everything you're doing.

Don't forget to talk back!
It is one thing to put up an article and image. But when people talk to you, it's what you say back that counts.

Figure out your sweet spot
I learnt quickly through working at IQS that our audience loved food, and puns! If we could work on a post that combined both we knew we were onto a winner. Find out what your audience is craving, and give them lots of it. 

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