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From media editor to food as medicine queen

12 August 2015 Valeria Ramirez

From media editor to food as medicine queen

Failure is feedback
Success isn’t always a linear path. In this series, entrepreneurs share how they dusted themselves off after their first business went south to then strike a chord with a completely different concept.

After looking unsuccessfully for a writer’s job after graduating with a Bachelor of Communications, I thought I’d create my own role by starting an online magazine. Just like that. It was called X&Y Magazine and targeted males and females from 18 to 25 with the latest in fashion, health, entertainment and relationships.

It wasn’t long after we launched I realised the idea wouldn’t take off. I blew my budget on the website and launch party and had no money left to keep the magazine afloat. There were only so many free articles I could ask people for and the advertising game was Egyptian to me.

I remember having a massive panic attack and calling my mum crying that I was way over my head and had to pull out. I felt very embarrassed and ashamed.

The experience taught me to educate myself before jumping in to business. I learnt the important lesson that you can do anything, but you can’t do everything. I have since spent more time learning how to actually run a business.

I also realised my passion for health and wellness would make me far happier than a role in the media. This led me to launch The Well Nest Kitchen four years later after running my personal training and health coaching business since 2011.

Offering a ‘food as medicine’ meal delivery service which offers affordable meals and snacks was a natural extension of what I did every day. So many of my time-poor clients always asked me where to buy nutritious food from, so I decided to make it for them! So many people would love to eat better but find it challenging to fit it into their lives, which has helped us strike a chord.

Hiring staff was a tricky but necessary part of expanding. I took the plunge and haven’t looked back. My team makes the business more than what I ever dreamed it would be.

This time around I forgot the fancy parties and invested in clever, inexpensive ways to get our name out there. Social media has been a wonderful tool to help us grow. People have found and tried us through Instagram and talked about us with their friends and it’s grown from here. Today we supply nutritious snacks and meals to homes and businesses across Brisbane three times a week and have a loyal and growing client base.

I learnt so much the first time around in business – I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have without those experiences. Now I’m in a position where I have the freedom and ability to do what I love every day. As a mother, it has allowed me to make a living without sacrificing those beautiful moments with my son and has given me greater balance.

Valeria Ramirez

About Valeria Ramirez

Valeria is a holistic health coach, nutrition student and founder of The Well Nest, a cosy place for mothers to learn to nurture themselves and their families. 

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