Jackie Morgan is adamant her business, Eunoia Soul Rituals, would never have happened without her time at the Endeavour College of Natural Health.

“I started at Endeavour when I was very young because I’d seen my father benefit from natural health practices,” Jackie says. “I didn’t know where it would lead me, but it changed my life.”

“Studying Nutrition opened the door for me into the expanding world of natural health. Now I’m in an industry at the forefront of what many people are looking for – holistic health and wellbeing,” she says. “I gained a rich foundation of natural health knowledge, which I can apply in so many ways. I also became aware of the chemicals in our food and beauty products. I became obsessed with learning as much as I could about natural living.”

“Endeavour is a safe space to learn about yourself and how you can use your passion,” she says. “As a child, I always loved crystals, but as I grew up I realised others thought this was a bit unusual, so I hid this. At Endeavour, I could be me, and I reacquainted myself with crystals.”

When she graduated, Jackie opened her own clinical practice, Well Nutrition Hub. She focused on helping women to heal their relationship with fat. From there, her second business evolved. “Nutrition had opened my eyes to the importance of healing, and I wanted to expand to other aspects of healing,” she says. “After starting Well Hub Nutrition, I know how much time and effort is required when you start a new business.” 

In 2017, Jackie took some time off to travel. Overseas, she started to explore another business idea based on helping women to cultivate beautiful thinking. “I realised I could do this by encouraging them to change their morning routine into one filled with self-love and abundance,” Jackie says. “I couldn’t wait to get home to get started.”

Eunoia means ‘beautiful thinking, a well mind.’ It’s a word that Jackie had carried with her since her teenage years and which fuses perfectly with her concept for ritual-based skincare for women. With her business partner, Sarah from Kiss the Berry, she streamlined the idea into monthly packs based around different rituals.

Jackie explains it is an evolving journey. “One pack flows to the next and is carefully curated. We started the first month with self-love, then gratitude and then abundance. We have found people really want to partake in the whole journey,” she says.

“Each pack is infused with intentional goodness and crystal healing. The packs contain a skincare product, a perfume roller, a crystal, an oracle card and a description of that month’s ritual,” she explains. “At the start, I thought I’d formulate all the products myself, but we decided to collaborate with local suppliers. The knowledge I gained from Endeavour has helped me to source credible suppliers with a similar ethos to ours.”

Jackie is also enjoying writing for the Eunoia blog and others. She has also co-founded a women’s workshop called the ‘Soul Series’. “This is about creating community,” Jackie says. It is clear that she sees an abundance of healing opportunities in natural health.

Visit Eunoia Soul Rituals to learn more.

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