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A letter to byself by Ronaldo Fulieri

24 September 2013 Ronaldo Fulieri

A letter to byself by Ronaldo Fulieri

If you could write yourself a letter to read straight out of your studies, what would you say? We spoke with Ronaldo Fulieri, a nutritionist, personal trainer and chef who applies his Latin flavour to everything he tackles in life. Here Ronaldo shares his life lessons with his younger self...

Hi Ronaldo,

You are about to embark on one of the best experiences of your life. To choose a career is a big step and is a challenge that will see you grow in knowledge, intelligence and character. Do your best to be strong as it’s not going to be always easy, and remember to always work hard towards your dreams, goals and passions. You will have days full of highs, fun, parties and lots of laughs with your friends, but you will also experience low times and days where you are stressed and angry days with yourself. The secret is to balance the fun and responsibility and get the best of both when you can.

Be smart and learn to manage your time wisely. I know you are young and full of spare time to waste, but remember if you invest your talents in constructive activities, then your natural gifts and passion will become a fortune in your spare time. Don’t be rude with people, staff workers, teachers, or to anyone. Avoid using your mobile phone in class and respect your mentors. One day you will have to present something to an audience of students and you will not like people disrespecting you. Eat well, exercise and keep up your fitness levels. You will need a healthy and strong body to conquer your dreams and goals. Invest time and money on good food and cooking for yourself. This is your best insurance policy – it could save your life, and a lot of money in medical bills.

A career which allows you to help people and make an impact on people’s lives will give you much gratification. Every day will be a challenge when working in health clinics because every client is different and you will have to learn about human nature, emotions, different cultures and behaviours. By the time you complete your first year on you own you will be a far more mature professional.

Don’t rush - short cuts can have negative effects and compromise the learning process. I know you are hungry to get your hands dirty, but you have to take the time to learn the lessons. Pay attention to your masters and learn from them.

Listen more and talk less. Learn to be present and absorb what is happening around you. I know you have a lot of passion and energy about your dreams and you tend to talk a lot about it, but understand that others also have passions, dreams and goals. Remember that the answers of others can teach invaluable lessons.

Make the time to sleep well and try to avoid staying up too late. You tend to be active and focus incredibly well at night, but this isn’t always practical and you need your rest. Have days off, relax and recuperate your energies every week. The better you get at it, the more productive you can become.

Write down your goals and work hard to achieve them. You will find the process extremely rewarding and it will teach you important lessons about discipline, accountability and excellence.

Read books, articles and everything you can get your hands on about your areas of interest. This is fuel for your mind and you will love it. Knowledge is power and you will be able to open many doors because of your intelligence. Never stop learning!

Donate your talents and time to people who need it. Money is easy to donate, time and knowledge is more precious.

Push yourself on the art of public speaking and present something you have mastered in public to a big audience at least once in your life. You will find great joy in teaching others and this will spark another passion in you.

And lastly - write a book. Dedicate your time and energy to transcribe as much as you can of your expertise onto a piece of paper. Your talents and voice can help many people. Perhaps you cannot see this now but one day you will. Remember that everyone has a talent to share and pass on.

Good luck and a big hug,

Ronaldo Fulieri

About Ronaldo Fulieri

Ronaldo Fulieri is an Endeavour alumnus, nutritionist and holistic chef.

Ronaldo is open, friendly, energizing and definitely an inspiring Brazilian who is passionate about nutrition and cooking. He loves and respects food and knows that fresh ingredients have to be used adequately to preserve maximum nutrition and bio availability.

Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, nutritionist and chef Ronaldo Fulieri’s first book, Ronaldo’s Kitchen: The Superpower of Nutrition brings not only delicious and simple recipes to your dining room table but, well informed nutritional information that will help you to enjoy good food and experience weight loss at the same time.


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