Amanda Foy shares her story in our series on how entrepreneurs had to fail before they could soar.

Failure is feedback
Success isn’t always a linear path. In this series, entrepreneurs share how they dusted themselves off after their first business went south to then strike a chord with a completely different concept.

I launched a communications agency which supported the natural therapies industry after becoming redundant from a marketing role during the global financial crisis. I quickly became the ‘go to person’ for social media in my region, but the business floundered after the 2011 Queensland floods. Most of my clients were locally based so it hit us hard. I lost my business premises, had a business partner leave me and had a major event go pear shaped.

During that period I was learning more about Reiki and reached the point where I realised that although I was ‘good’ at branding and communications, it wasn’t making my heart sing anymore – natural therapies did.

That’s when I was inspired to develop my Emotional Strength Trainer program to help people realise the emotional memory trauma they carry and how to sweep it away through a combination of Reiki and other natural therapies. I teach emotional endurance by helping people ‘connect the dots’ with the traumatic life events they’ve experienced.

The business took off so quickly I must admit I had a moment of wanting to give myself an upper cut for not doing it sooner. Since then I’ve been helping clients around the world better understand their emotional immune system and how it impacts their life. I’ve helped people better cope with chronic illness and worked with professionals to turn around self-sabotaging behaviour due to entrenched belief systems.

I now see the scraped knees I experienced through my first business as one of my biggest super powers. It has given me the endurance to run my own race and the most giant conviction in the message I want to share. I have loved developing my own philosophy on how emotional memory works – it is completely mine to take on.

The best part about it is I’ve been able to use the tools I was trying to sell to people in my previous business to support myself.

At the end of the day I love being a part of people’s ‘aha’ moments – I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Having this business has given me the chance to be at the helm of facilitating change and it’s right where I’m meant to be.”

Posted by Amanda Foy
Amanda Foy

Amanda is the founder of Emotional Strength Trainer and helps educate people on how life’s traumas can impact their health.

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