This Asian slaw recipe is light and crunchy, full of flavour, and is dairy and gluten free.

Now that the weather is heating up it is the perfect time to get back into salads, but you don’t want to eat the same old boring salad every day. You want to get the most nutrients you can and be excited about what you’re eating. Salads are a great source of nutrition, supplying your body with plenty of minerals and vitamins essential for every process in your body, and are an easy way to eat nutrient dense foods without overloading the energy content of your meal.

This gorgeous little salad will fancy up any barbecue, while helping out your liver because cabbage contains glucosinolates which stimulate liver detoxification and calcium in the cabbage and sesame seeds encourage strong bone development.

I love this salad. It’s light and crunchy, full of flavour, and is both dairy and gluten free! If you are the lucky owner of a food processor, this salad will be even easier to prepare, but if you aren’t, fear not – it’s still a pretty simple dish for your repertoire.

The great thing about this salad is you can always experiment with the ingredients - this is just a basic guide. Red onion, spring onion or chilli are welcome additions, while red cabbage and purple carrots will give the salad some lovely colour. It’s great to put with a homemade burger and a dollop of chilli mayo too!

You will need
Mandolin slicer OR food processor
Chopping board
Large, sharp knife
Salad bowl
Salad servers

400g cabbage
2 carrots (top chopped off)
150g radish
4 tbs sesame seeds
2-3cm finely grated ginger
Juice of 1 lime
2 tbs sesame seed oil
½ bunch fresh coriander leaves

Thinly slice cabbage, ensuring you chop up any large bits you miss, and break up into your salad bowl.

Using your mandolin, thinly slice carrots along the length of the vegetables.

Lay carrot slices flat on the chopping board (kind of like what they do with cards at the casino) and slice them into thin strips. Add to bowl.

Thinly slice radishes into little circular discs and add to bowl. (Alternatively, slice all your vegies in your food processor, you lucky duck, you!)

Roughly chop coriander and add to bowl.

Add grated ginger, sesame seeds, lime juice and sesame seed oil and combine until all your vegies are mixed and dressed.


Posted by Miranda Partridge
Miranda Partridge

Miranda Partridge is a nutritional medicine practitioner, self-love advocate and lifestyle blogger based in Brisbane. Through her website she shares tips, insights, thoughts about her wellness journey and her quirky and dorky sense of humour. Miranda's clinical practice, workshops, blog posts and videos are all about embracing your own unique qualities, enjoying the healthy habits you create and feeling empowered to live your best life without the need to aim for perfection. Just real food and real strategies for real people.

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