Keen to take the College of Natural Beauty up on its offer to review its vegan Deluxe Manicure and Pedicare, Amanda Rootsey shares her thoughts on the experience.

I recently had the absolute pleasure of enjoying a spa date at the College of Natural Beauty’s clinic.

The professional clinic is staffed by senior College students and I have to say I was extremely impressed. The clinic is just like any other salon – you walk in, are greeted at the front desk with a warm smile, sit down on a comfy couch to fill in a form and are then escorted by your therapist in to the treatment room.

It is a large room with individual treatment areas which are curtained off. I felt like it was very private and it’s nice to know that the supervising teachers are in the same area.

All the students I encountered were impeccably presented and the student therapists that treated me were caring, thoughtful, confident and knew what they were doing.

They gave me a deluxe manicure and pedicare with all vegan products from Spa Rituals (which I love!).

It was a beautiful experience and, even though it’s a couple of hours drive away for me, I’m sure I’ll be back there one day soon!

I’ve got my eye on the one hour hot stone full body massage.

You can view available College treatments at

Posted by Amanda Rootsey
Amanda Rootsey

Amanda Rootsey is an ambassador for the College of Natural Beauty, an eco-model, health advocate and passionate educator. You can find her musings about living simply, eco-fashion, vegan food and natural beauty at

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