Acupuncture is an extremely popular form of Chinese medicine. An acupuncturist is able to treat clients with various health concerns such as musculoskeletal, reproductive health, digestive issues, skin conditions, and various other chronic and acute diseases. 

This is achieved through stimulation of specific points on the body with fine needles, heat, gentle electrical stimulation, laser, suction or physical pressure to regulate the flow of Qi (Vital energy).

We look at five of the most popular career choices for acupuncture graduates.

Clinical practitioner

Opening a clinic is the dream for many acupuncturists, with 77% of Endeavour College acupuncture graduates working in clinical practice and 41% operating their own clinic.

Many acupuncturists treat clients in their own clinic or work from a multi-modality clinic or hospital in consultation with other registered health care providers. Acupuncture practitioners work with clients to provide care plans and treatment which typically incorporates needling, moxibustion, dietary advice, Chinese herbs and lifestyle advice. Practitioners may choose to focus on particular areas of interest such as women’s medicine, sports medicine, men’s medicine or chronic disease.


Consulting with nutraceutical brands to develop Chinese medicine for health stores is a fast growing product development area in the industry. The Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) allows you a pathway into Chinese Herbal qualifications, such as a Master of Chinese Medicine.

Media Position

Public interest in the field has led to growing opportunities for acupuncturists to share their expertise and advice. Roles in TV, newspapers, radio and print is a path many Endeavour acupuncturists choose and excel in.

Compliance Role

With the complementary medicine market in Australia currently worth $4.9 billion, there is a growing demand for acupuncture graduates within the Federal Government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Education roles

Qualified acupuncturists are in great demand as lecturers, supervisors and academics with leading educational institutions around the world. This can involve writing course curriculum for vocational and higher education institutions, guiding students through the academic process, evaluating assessments and exams and presenting seminars and workshops.

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