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Scholarship of teaching

The scholarship of teaching acknowledges that teaching begins with what the teacher knows and that those who teach must, above all, be well informed and steeped in the knowledge of their field.

It reflects the role of teacher as learner, but also teacher as expert in their field. Examples of evidence of this type of scholarship include involvement in expert panels at conferences, membership of editorial boards of peer-reviewed journals, involvement in research skills development workshops, presentations of invited/plenary talks at specialist events, and participation (as supervisor or student) in a research higher degree.

Names of Endeavour College of Natural Health's team members are shown in bold.

Expert representation at research conferences

Daniel, K., 2014, ACPET QLD Higher Education Seminar “Pathways and Partnerships”, Panel Member, Australia

Cheong, C., 2014, Management of mould, Environmental Health Australia Conference Workshop, Presenter, Australia

Invited conference presentations

Cheong, C., 2014, Latest findings on water damage and mould in buildings, Environmental Health Australia Conference, Speaker, Australia

Research higher degree study

Jennings T (RHD student), Sibbritt D, Steel A. (Supervisor), December 2016, Clinical presentation of Lyme disease, Masters of Health Services (Research), University of Technology Sydney

Asher G (RHD student), Collard J (Supervisor), March 2015, Use of blink response in the detection of deception/Subliminal activation of mirror neurons, Master of Clinical Psychology, James Cook University

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