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Scholarship of integration

The scholarship of integration gives meaning to isolated facts and puts them in perspective within a broader field of knowledge.

This often involves making connections across disciplines, placing specialties in larger contexts, and illuminating data in a revealing way. Work in this area also includes educating non-specialists on advancements in knowledge in a particular field. Examples of evidence of this type of scholarship include literature reviews, discussion and commentary papers in peer-reviewed publications, and research textbooks (including chapter contributions).

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Discussion papers

Steel A., 2016, Important considerations of the use of complementary and alternative medicine through pregnancy, labour and birth: an update based on recent Australian research, Australian Journal of Herbal Medicine 28(2):36-40

Wardle J, Cook N, Steel A, Barker C., 2016, The World Naturopathic Federation: global opportunities for the Australian profession, Australian Journal of Herbal Medicine 28(1):3-8

Wardle J, Sibbritt D, Broom A, Steel A, Adams J., 2016, Is health practitioner regulation keeping pace with the changing practitioner and health-care landscape? An Australian perspective, Frontiers in Public Health 4:91

Steel A, Adams J, Frawley J, Wardle J, Broom A, Sidebotham M, Sibbritt D., 2016, Does Australia’s health policy environment create unintended outcomes for birthing women?, Birth: Issues in Perinatal Care. In press

Schloss J & Steel A., 2016, Medical Synopsis: Can plant-based therapies assist menopausal symptoms?, Advances in Integrative Medicine 3(1):33-34

Schloss J & Steel A., 2016, Medical Synopsis: Nightly fasting may assist patients with breast cancer and other people with cancer, Advances in Integrative Medicine. In press

Literature reviews

Reid R, Steel A, Wardle J, Trubody A, Adams J., 2016, Complementary medicine use by the Australian population: a critical mixed studies systematic review of utilisation, perceptions and factors associated with use, BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine; 16(1):176

Steel A, Sundberg T, Reid R, Ward L, Bishop F, Leach M, Cramer H, Wardle J, Adams J., 2016, Osteopathic manipulative treatment: a systematic review and critical appraisal of comparative effectiveness and health economics research, Manual Therapy. In press

Steel A, Lucke J, Reid R, Adams J., 2016, A systematic review of women’s and health professional’s attitudes and experience of preconception care service delivery, Family Practice. In press

Wardle J, Frawley J, Steel A, Sullivan E., 2016, Complementary medicine and childhood immunisation: a critical review, Vaccine 34(38):4484-4500

Foley H & Steel A., 2016, Patient perceptions of clinical care in complementary medicine: a systematic review of the consultation experience, Patient Education and Counselling. In press

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