Endeavour supports the full range and breadth of complementary medicine research as it relates to clinical practice from diverse fields including clinical, epidemiological, sociological and educational research.

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  • 20 September 2018

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The Office of Research at Endeavour College of Natural Health has a particular focus which examines issues and outcomes associated with the complementary medicine (CM) practice in Australia and where relevant throughout the world.

It was established to:

  • Support the creation of new knowledge related to CM
  • Explore the risks and benefits of CM for the broader community
  • Critically examine Endeavour's practice and activities to inform future improvements; and
  • Engage with key stakeholders within the health community and general population to examine the place and role of CM in contemporary health care.

Endeavour College of Natural Health is proud to have a collaborative partnership with the Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine (ARCCIM) at the University of Technology Sydney. ARCCIM is the first centre worldwide dedicated to conducting and promoting critical complementary and alternative medicine research via a wide range of established methods and perspectives from public health and health services research.

Professor Jon Adams is Professor of Public Health and Director of ARCCIM. He is also National Convenor of the Public Health Association of Australia Special Interest Group in Evidence, Research and Policy in Complementary Medicine. Jon currently holds a prestigious NHMRC Career Development Fellowship (2011-2015) in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and women's health. Professor Adams works closely with Endeavour and its Office of Research to fulfil the research goals of the College.

Meet the team

Dr Amie Steel

PhD, MPH, Grad Cert Ed (Higher Ed), BHSc(Nat)
Associate Director Research

Dr Amie Steel is a postdoctoral research fellow with ARCCIM at the University of Technology Sydney, addition to leading Endeavour College of Natural Health's Office of Research. Amie's current research focus includes a diverse area of complementary medicine (CM) including women's health, CM curriculum development and delivery, integration and regulation of CM, and the interface between evidence-based medicine and CM practice.

E: amie.steel@endeavour.edu.au
Ph: 07 3253 9523

Dr Janet Schloss

PhD, Post Grad Cert (Clinical Nutrition), Adv. Dip (Nat), Dip (Nut), Dip (Herbal Medicine), BHSc (Art)
Clinical Trials Coordinator

Janet Schloss has been in private practice as a naturopath and nutritionist for over 18 years and has completed her PhD at the School of Medicine in the University of Queensland through the Princess Alexandra Hospital. In this role, Janet supports the Office of Research with gathering, analysing and interpreting research data collected through our projects including PRACI, as well as assisting other departments with data collection and analysis through our internal surveys and other types of data collection.

E: janet.schloss@endeavour.edu.au
Ph: 07 3253 9579

Helene Diezel

MasterHS(Res), Grad Dip (Ed), BSSc (Pol)
Senior Lecturer - Honours

Helene Diezel holds a Master’s degree in Health Services Research with ARCCIM. Her role at Endeavour is as the Senior Lecturer for the Honours Degree. Helene's research interests are broad although they centre on advancing research methodology and a deep commitment to mixed methods research. Helene has worked at the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research as part of a team on an NHMRC funded project examining neuroethics and impulse disorders and also works in a research consultancy capacity for industry and academic stakeholders, undertaking health as well as sociology research. Helene has considerable expertise in developing Honours course content which is enriched and engaging for students. Alongside her role as Senior Lecturer - Honours, Helene is also the Student Liaison Officer for students interested in research. She is based in Brisbane within the Office of Research and online for the delivery of Endeavour's Honours Degree.

E: helene.diezel@endeavour.edu.au
Ph: 07 3253 9316

Rebecca Reid

PhD (student), BHSc (Nat)
Research Project Coordinator

Rebecca Reid is a graduate of Endeavour's Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and a successful applicant to the Student Summer School Research Program in 2014. Rebecca brings a strong organisational and management background to this role. Alongside her role as Research Project Coordinator, Rebecca is also the Student Liaison Officer for students interested in research. Rebecca is currently undertaking her PhD at University of Technology Sydney, which will investigate the naturopathic prescription characteristics and treatments utilised to manage endometriosis in naturopathic practice. In addition, Rebecca is one of only 11 competitively appointed Fellows of the International Naturopathy Research Leadership Program at the ARCCIM, University of Technology Sydney.

E: rebecca.reid@endeavour.edu.au
Ph: 07 3253 9582

Malwina Martin

PRACI Research Administrator

Malwina Martin has extensive experience in business administration and management and as part of the Office of Research team, will be acting as the Research Administrator for the PRACI project. Malwina has a passion for complementary medicine and holds a qualification in Reflexology.

E: malwina.martin@endeavour.edu.au
Ph: 07 3253 9319

Hope Foley

PhD (student), BHSc(Hons), BHSc (Nat)
Research Assistant

Hope is a practising naturopath and early career researcher with a passion for holism and plant-based medicine. She is a strong advocate for patient-centered care and for the role of natural medicine in the wider field of health-care provision. Hope is currently undertaking her PhD at University of Technology Sydney, which will investigate the role of complementary medicine in the treatment of chronic health conditions.

Kimberley Ryan

MasterN (student), BHSc (Nat), BN, PGDipN (Critical Care)
Clinical Trials Assistant

Kimberley has filled the role of Clinical Trials Assistant which has been created in response to the incredible increase in external clinical research project funding the Office of Research has attracted over the past 6 months (2017). Kimberley brings an important mix of clinical and research experience to this new arm of activities within the Office. Kimberley is a trained Critical Care nurse and Naturopath (alumni of Endeavour’s Bachelor degree). She has had almost 10 years' experience as a research nurse and also has her own clinical naturopathic practice. Currently, Kimberley is completing the research thesis of her Masters of Nursing degree.

E: kimberley.ryan@endeavour.edu.au
Ph: 07 3253 9597

Jason Rainforest

MasterHS (student), BHSc (Nat)
Research Assistant

Jason is a graduate of a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at Endeavour, 2008. He is currently completing a Master of Health Science (Herbal Medicine) at the University of New England, and teaching Herbal Medicine Chemistry to students of Naturopathy at Endeavour. Jason has a passion for Herbal Medicine in Naturopathic Practice, and has had a lifelong goal of being involved in healthcare research. He is finally realising this goal in the Office of Research at Endeavour.

E: jason.rainforest@endeavour.edu.au
Ph: 07 3253 9335