• one minute
  • 16 September 2018

The success of graduates after obtaining a qualification is of paramount concern to all higher education institutions and of benefit to the economy and society more broadly. Data on the experiences, attitudes and perceptions of graduates post-graduation is an area often overlooked in workforce data and there is no data in the area of complementary medicine graduates to date. As such, the Office of Research is undertaking a project that aims to gather information relevant to the experience of new naturopathy graduates when they transition from undergraduate study into clinical practice. This project aims to describe the experience of naturopaths who have recently joined their profession, with regards to the business, professional and personal challenges associated with transitioning to clinical practice.

Who are we seeking?

Recently graduated naturopaths who completed their Bachelor qualification in naturopathy within the previous five years.

What does participation involve?

We will ask you to participate in a phone interview. This interview will last up to one hour. Questions will be asked about the research topic and you will be offered opportunities to respond to these questions. The interview will be recorded and transcribed for use in research, but your identity will remain anonymous.

Further information

For further information, review the Participant Information Sheet.

Chief Investigator: Dr Amie Steel
Ph: 07 3253 9523
E: amie.steel@endeavour.edu.au or trials@endeavour.edu.au

This project has received ethical clearance by the Endeavour College of Natural Health Human Research Ethics Committee (EC00358), approval number #2015033.