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Graduate Stories: Meg Thompson

Naturopath, blogger, author, lecturer

When Meg Thompson had a transformative session with a naturopath as a teenager, she never dreamed it would lead to a flourishing career as a practitioner, educator and award winning blogger.

Meg Thompson

A pesky bout of glandular fever initially led Meg to her local naturopath, and the experience never left her.

“I hadn’t met anyone like him before - he was in his 50s with the most piercing blue eyes and everything about him was vibrant. I immediately noticed the consultations were a lot longer than what I was used to and I felt really heard, and the herbal remedies and nutritional advice he gave me helped with my recovery so much. I was a natural health convert ever since,” Meg said.

After completing an undergraduate degree in psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Education, Meg taught for several years in London. It was then she felt that familiar pull back to naturopathy and returned to Melbourne to enrol with Endeavour.

It wasn’t long after commencing her studies that Meg overhauled her diet, feeding her body unprocessed foods and getting rid of her longstanding digestive issues in the process.

Since graduating, Meg has established a thriving practice specialising in women’s and children’s health.

“I love being able to help people with both the little things and the big things, whether they need some inspiration with what to make for dinner, or help with a chronic health issue. I also love the flexibility and variety that comes with working as a practitioner,” said Meg.

Meg soon launched her blog My Wholefood Romance to find her voice and share her love of nutrition. She has since achieved this and more, with her blog attracting tens of thousands of unique visitors around the world each month.

A cherry on top came Meg’s way when a US publisher contacted her after reading her blog to collaborate on a book about fermented drinks, and Superfoods For Life, Cultured And Fermented Beverages was released in 2014.

Meg’s popular Instagram account also led to a partnership with US-based Simple Green Smoothies, a company she worked with to create a 21 day cleanse program which has since been downloaded by thousands of customers. The naturopath was also commissioned by Ocean Soul Retreat in Bali to design a nutrient-dense menu for overworked women needing extra nourishment.

The talented naturopath also spends her days writing a natural health column for Eat Well Magazine, lecturing the next generation of naturopathy students and running workshops for primary schools and local councils on topics such as packing healthy lunch boxes.

No two days are the same for Meg, and that’s just the way she likes it.

“When I graduated many years ago, there were a few types of jobs people tended to pursue. The natural health industry has since boomed to the extent that there are now millions of potential career paths for people. How exciting is that?”

“Working as a naturopath is so incredibly dynamic. I am in awe of the human body, and being able to spend my days teaching others how to get the best out of their health is so humbling and exciting to me,” said Meg.

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