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Graduate Stories: Lola Berry

Nutritionist, author, media personality

Endeavour alumnus Lola Berry has packed an impressive amount into her thirty years. After capturing Australia’s heart nine years ago with her infectious charm and healthy food message, her star continued to rise as she carved a niche for herself as an author, nutritionist, media personality and leading health and wellness figure.

Lola’s mission was inspired by an earlier period of her life where she worked as a fashion stylist, makeup artist and DJ and fell into an unhealthy eating pattern.

“It was a stage where I felt quite empty and I decided to try a detox which left me really healthy with glowing skin, and I was hungry to learn everything I could about nutrition,” Lola said.

Lola decided to enrol in a nutritional medicine degree with Endeavour and declared she would strive to become the ’Steve Irwin of fruit and veg’.

It wasn’t always an easy road, with Lola struggling through some subjects and having to work three jobs to buy a video camera to get her dream off the ground.

Armed with her new equipment she started making the trek daily to local banana and macadamia plantations and filming herself talking about homemade meals and their nutritional properties.

Lola quickly built a YouTube following based on her unique message and quirky style and the rest is history. Today Lola is using her profile to encourage Australians to be the best versions of themselves, and the world is listening.

Lola’s seventh book Summer Food shares more than 60 of her paleo inspired festive salads, drinks, breakfasts and light treats that will nourish the body. Her books have sold so well in the past her publishers Pan MacMillan have ordered a reprint only a few months after launch.

It is the ability to connect with others and help them through sharing her insights that keeps Lola striving forwards.

“The best thing is when people say I’ve helped them achieve some of their health goals – that is really mind blowing to me. If I can encourage people to nourish themselves physically, mentally and spiritually then I’m rapt.”

Lola Berry

Lola moved to Sydney a few years ago from her hometown Melbourne to sign with esteemed management firm Harry M Miller and focus on her media career. With personalities including Peter Morrissey and Ryan ’Fitzy’ Fitzgerald on the Harry M Miller books, the partnership represented a pivotal point in her career.

“Lola had been on our radar for years as she has all the qualities for a long term career in the industry – ambition, honesty and a willingness to embrace hard, hard work. Lola is a media brand with the ability to release books, blogs, TV series, live events and brand partnerships all at once and that is what we are working towards,” said Harry M Miller CEO, Lauren Cilento.

It isn’t only through her books and media work that Lola shares her message, she has worked with Grill’d Burgers to create a range of nutrient-dense menu items and also built an online community of more than 250,000 people who hang on to her every word.

“I love connecting with people to remind them that it is so important to choose to put your health first. When this happens, watch how your world shines.”


Lola has continued sharing her good food message with the launch of her first smoothie bar and café Happy Place in Melbourne with coffee mastermind Salvatore Malatesta.

“We wanted to create a space where people can not only be nourished but also find their happy place. It is designed to empower them to put themselves first, from the design with crystals embedded into the floor to the menu featuring flower essence-infused smoothies,” said Lola.

“The health industry as a whole is definitely growing and people are getting more in touch with how they feel – it’s a really exciting time,’ said Lola.

Lola Berry at Happy Place

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This page was last updated on Monday 16 April 2018.