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Graduate Stories: Georgia Barnes

Nutritionist, brand ambassador, presenter, TV personality

For 29 year old nutritionist, presenter, cook and MasterChef Australia 2015 runner up, Georgia Barnes – food was always an integral part of her life. It was this overriding passion, combined with a love of working with people, which led her to study nutrition with Endeavour College of Natural Health and later audition for MasterChef Australia.

Since placing runner-up on MasterChef in 2015, the motivated nutritionist has travelled Australia showcasing her creative flair for cooking by appearing on top-rated TV programs and presenting on stage at a number of popular food and health events.

Sharing her passion for quality produce and whole foods, Georgia conducts innovative and educational workshops for private clients, has represented leading brands and organisations as an ambassador and creates exclusive customised recipes in the food and wellness industry. She shares her nutritional expertise as a food columnist, with her own coveted monthly column with Taste Magazine. She also recently released her self-published eBook, Plated by Georgia, which highlights some of her most popular allergy-friendly recipes. 

With plans currently underway for Georgia to launch a unique business venture in Brisbane dedicated to sharing her love of creative home-cooking with others, Georgia is looking towards the future with great anticipation. 

“Since wrapping up with MasterChef I’ve immersed myself in making my dreams come to life. I’ve finally reached a point in my career where my love of wholesome food, creative cooking, natural health and sharing my knowledge with people is merging,” said Georgia.

Having always been fascinated by produce, Georgia grew up learning about the fundamental elements of growing and preparing food. She gained inspiration everywhere, from her grandparents’ butcher shop to her home veggie patch and fishing with her family.

As a young girl, Georgia’s granddad was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 60, marking a dramatic lifestyle change for her broader family unit and introducing her to the world of holistic health. 

“The kitchen bench went from housing a coffee percolator and homemade sweets to a kombucha scoby and an electric juicer. We ate raw garlic, alkalised our water and made homemade peanut butter,” said Georgia. 

Georgia & Molly

Georgia’s studies with Endeavour marked a shift where food became about work and play. As she learned the health benefits of unprocessed and whole foods, she started to use her home cooking skills to develop allergy and intolerance-friendly recipes to help those in need.

“Food as medicine is such a beautiful term to me – the most organic foods can do so much for you, and you can feel it. I swear – if you drink something green, alkaline and packed full of nutrients – it’s like your body says something to you.”

With more than 150,000 social media followers collectively, Georgia’s most important driver is using her profile to encourage and influence people to become more connected with their food.

“Teaching and encouraging people to make their meals from scratch is so important to me. By not knowing what’s gone into your food, you’re not connected to it and you’re definitely less mindful. The more connected we are to the ingredients and the food we eat, the more we nourish our bodies – life is more balanced this way. The best part about eating delicious, homemade food is that it naturally has a better health outcome!”

Georgia Barnes

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