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Graduate Stories: Chris Fehres

Acupuncturist, practitioner, human anatomy devotee

Acupuncturist Chris Fehres was always fuelled by a desire to make his mark on the world, and for many years he fulfilled this yearning through performing to crowds as a touring musician. It was only years later at 27 that Chris realised his true calling was to make a difference to people’s lives as a natural therapist.

After being moved by a YouTube video of Chinese Medicine enthusiast Jost Sauer Chris enrolled in Endeavour College of Natural Health’s acupuncture degree the very next day.

“Something clicked when I watched that video, and my purpose as a healer became truly clear. I realised that instead of using songs and melodies, I could use acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to help people heal from physical, emotional or spiritual pain,” said Chris.

“It was the moment I realised this was the way I was meant to be helping people – one person at a time.”

After four and a half years spent devoted to his studies, Chris graduated and was quickly nabbed by one of his lecturers, Nicola Macdonald, to work at her clinic Acupuncture Emporium in Brisbane.

“It was such a great opportunity and I’ve learned so much about being a practitioner and how to run a practice. It also helped lay the foundations I needed to realise the dream of opening up my own clinic,” said Chris.

Chris Fehres in clinic

With the help of his friends and family, Chris had soon created the clinic of his dreams called Fehresian Energetics and took a moment to reflect on the enormity of his achievement.

“My loved ones all helped me build and paint the clinic, and when we were ready to open I had this massive realisation about what I’d actually accomplished. Since I started studying I always had a vision of running my own practice and being my own boss someday, and it had finally become a reality,” said Chris.

“Working in my field has been a tremendous high for me. It is always so uplifting to hear a patient tell you their life has improved because of your treatment.”

Chris Fehres in clinic

Since finding his own rhythm in clinical practice Chris began to specialise in musculoskeletal disorders and helping people recover from physical pain. He also developed a strong fascination with the structure of the human body.

“Since practising my love of human anatomy began projecting out of me in full force. I’ve always been interested in how the body is built and would literally sit for hours teaching myself anatomy,” said Chris.

This reignited passion opened up a new world of possibilities for the acupuncturist.

“One of my goals now is to become an anatomy lecturer for acupuncturists. The complex and intricate structures of our bodies are telling us a story we haven’t yet fully understood, and they have so much to teach us if we listen to them. I want to play my part to encourage those stories be heard,” said Chris.

Chris Fehres

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This page was last updated on Tuesday 16 May 2017.