• one minute
  • 30 October 2018

The College complies with the National Code 2018 and the ESOS Act 2000 and this is firmly embedded in the College’s Agent Management Plan. Endeavour expects all agents to adhere to these standards.

Agent training programs have been developed so that agents can be fully versed in the structure of the College’s wide range of courses as well as the cost structure and how the College operates as a national training provider across our campus network. These programs can be delivered on site at agent offices where convenient or at the local campus. The idea behind this is to inform agents about all aspects of the College and this will then become a valuable tool for agent representatives when interviewing potential students.

We invite expressions of interest from agents and if they successfully meet the set criteria an agreement is formed. Currently the College implement agreements with agents that have a renewable lifespan of 12 months or pro-rata expiring on December 31 each year.