Tissue Salts for Gastrointestinal Conditions


February 21, 2023 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. AEST

The human body is composed of 12 mineral salts – the imbalance between these mineral salts leads to dysfunction and disease. Join Leanne Formica to learn how to re-establish the balance by using Schuessler’s tissue salts.

Tissue salts are supplements comprised of the 12 vital mineral salts present in the human body. When there is an imbalance of these mineral salts (tissue salts), health deteriorates and sickness follows. The tissue salts are provided in microdoses but are yet powerful enough to bring about a cascade of positive health benefits. Hence, the tissue salts are ideal for infants, children and adults. In this segment we will explore the commonly used tissue salts for gastrointestinal conditions and infections


  • Attendees will be entered into a draw for a free homeopathic consultation at the Endeavour student clinic
  • Attendees will be able to purchase one or all 3 of the salts presented in this workshop

About Leanne Formica
16 years ago Leanne found herself wanting to learn more about healing medicine, especially emotional and mental health. After working in social work practice and witnessing the bio-chemical/medical model approach to mental healthcare and found it 'wanting'.
Leanne was set up to study nutritional medicine. However, on the college open day, she went to a lecture titled ‘Is there an alternative to anti-depressants’, the talk was about Homeopathy, its scope in mental health care, followed by presentation of paper cases and she was seriously intrigued.
Around the same time, Leanne had come across Dr Ballentine’s ‘Radical Healing’. His chapter on homeopathy and cell salts was Leanne's first introduction to the world of Homeopathic Medicine. Between these two occurrences, she was pretty much hooked! Leanne graduated 4 years later to her dream job as a homeopath using both the Tissue salts & higher potency remedies in her clinical homeopathic practice.

This session is open to all First Year Naturopathy students.

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