Tasting Herbs Workshop

October 5 - October 7, 2022 midnight - midnight

In this practical workshop you’ll have the opportunity to taste a selection of major medicinal herbs covered in your studies.
Learn how the taste of herbs can relate to their therapeutic actions, constituents, tissue states and energetics.

The taste of a herb contributes to our understanding of its properties as well as assisting us to distinguish it from other similar plants. A plant’s taste may also initiate certain physiological responses within the body. When we taste a herb, especially as an infusion, decoction or ethanolic fluid extract, other qualities can provide information about that herb’s nature (e.g. mouthfeel, sensation, texture). It’s also possible to correlate appropriate herbs, via their taste and mouthfeel, to patterns of imbalance within an individual.
This workshop will help you to differentiate the prominent tastes of herbs and enhance your understanding of herbs covered in your course so far.

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This event is suitable for students who have completed WHMF121, WHMF112 & WHMF212

This is an Endeavour Student exclusive event. Make sure to register using your eweb account.