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Functional yoga

December 10, 2020 11 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. AEST

Join Gina, a naturopathy student and qualified yoga teacher for a 30 minute functional yoga session.

This style of yoga is designed for life on and off the mat. We’ll be practicing integrative movements that create mobility and strength whilst maintaining a relaxed mindful state. A class includes mediation, traditional yoga asana and functional movement, we'll focus on building practical skills rather than aesthetics. With our online zoom class students can use some hand weights (2 x 500g vegetable cans if they don’t have any weights), a pillow and a resistance loop (booty band) - not required but can be used in some exercises.

About Gina:
I fell in love with functional yoga after I realised that doing HIIT classes exacerbated my anxiety and I wanted a way to strengthen my body in a low impact way whilst calming my mind. Functional yoga allowed me to come away from a movement class feeling empowered with movement skills that I use for life off the mat and a strengthened mind/body connection. I trained with Brea Johnson who is a leader in the field and continue to build on the skills she has given me to create a practice that isn’t focused on aesthetics and flexibility but instead on functionality and mind/body health.