Career Pathways: Specialisation

October 22, 2021 noon - 1 p.m. AEST

Join Endeavour Alumni Samantha Bake as she discusses her pathway into specialisation

During this session, Samantha will cover:

  • What’s your Niche? And why niching makes all the difference
  • Who is your perfect client?
  • Do you need to do further study to specialise?
  • Beyond blood tests - functional testing
  • Paediatric Case Studies -
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder + Alopecia
    • Paediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome (PANS) – OCD, sleep onset insomnia, emotional lability and aggression

About Samantha

As Team Leader of the ReMed Kids clinic Samantha Bake, Clinical Nutritionist, has substantial experience with paediatric neuropsychiatric presentations such as OCD, tics, anxiety, ADHD, autism and PANS/PANDAS. Her passion for clinical nutrition was initially propelled by her own daughters’ severe food allergies and seeing the difference dietary and environmental changes made to their health.

She now works with families Australia-wide and internationally applying her expertise in the links between gut, neuro-inflammation, immune dysregulation and biochemistry and how that impacts the prominent symptoms of neuro-psychiatric conditions. In 2021 she has co-written and presented a 6-week online program for parents on Calming Kids naturally with Keonie Moore (Naturopath).

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*This is an Endeavour Student and Alumni exclusive event