Setting up a Nutritional Practice Part 2: Digital Health


August 26, 2022 11 a.m. - noon AEST

Considering setting up a clinical practice and wanting to know more about the digital aspects of practice management?

This webinar is open to all Endeavour Students from all disciplines. It expands on the “setting up a nutritional practice webinar” by focusing on key areas and considerations relating to healthcare technology in practice.

Healthcare technology is transforming traditional medical and allied health practices thanks to innovative apps and eHealth platforms. Digital health is rapidly being realised as the future of healthcare, which is why practitioners need to adapt to the changing environment of healthcare delivery. If you are thinking of setting up your own practice this webinar is for you, it expands on the first webinar “Setting up a nutritional practice” by looking at the digital health aspects of clinical practice in depth. Guest speaker Robbie Clark from HealthBank will cover a number of key areas and considerations relating to healthcare technology in practice.

About our Presenters
This webinar is organised by nutrition Academic Supervisor Lisa Phillips and will feature guest speaker Robbie Clark who is a Sydney-based Functional Dietitian and Exercise Scientist who graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Nutrition and a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics. He has over 15 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry and is the Director and Co-founder of the all-in-one client management and engagement platform, HealthBank.

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