Educational Webinar: Phytomedicines for Drug Resistant Microbes


October 13, 2022 noon - 1 p.m. AEST

Join Julianne from Oborne as she discusses in detail the role of phytomedicines for drug resistant microbes.

In this webinar, Julianne discusses the ever-growing concerns around microbial infections, microbial mechanisms of drug resistance, and the role in which phytomedicines can play in the management and treatment of drug resistant infections.

The most recent World Economic Forum Global Risks report stated antibiotic resistance in bacterial infection as one of the greatest threats to human health. Drug resistant infections in bacterial, viral and stealth microbes is a significant modern-day concern, the need for efficacious and safe treatments is paramount in reducing the rate and severity of infections as well as slow the development of microbial drug resistance. Herbal medicines, with their abundance of phytochemicals, have a unique role to play in the treatment of drug resistant microbial infections.

About Julianne

Julianne Grant - BHSc (Naturopathy), BApSc (HM)

Julianne Grant is an experienced Melbourne-based Naturopathic practitioner who has practiced in complementary medicine for over 20 years. Her extensive career has included working with patients within a private clinical setting, within hospitals, sporting groups, with individual athletes, and within corporate settings.

Julianne has a special interest in the management of chronic disease, namely autoimmune conditions, inflammatory conditions such as CIRS and biotoxin illness, and chronic infections. Alongside her practice, Julianne is also a researcher, technical writer, presenter, and educator for an Australian herbal medicine company, OptimalRx.

Julianne is passionate about education, both of her clients and of the Naturopathic profession, and invests a great deal of time researching and implementing advances in natural medicine. Julianne has a keen interest in herbal medicine and is a member of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA).


*This is an Endeavour Student and Alumni exclusive event