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Hypothyroidism in natural medicine: under-recognised or over-treated?

A patient’s thyroid function has long been a focus for many Natural Medicine Practitioners. No doubt, poor thyroid function can wreak havoc on energy production, brain function, metabolism and hormone health. The challenge in practice is determining if and when the thyroid is at fault, and whether a suboptimal thyroid is the root cause of a patient’s disease or if the thyroid itself is affected by other pathology.

In this webinar Nick Breen will explore the conflicting evidence on thyroid function and testing, and provide clarity on how to manage patients with suspected thyroid dysfunction.

About the presenter: Nick Breen is a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist with several years of experience in both retail and clinical settings. Nick has a particular interest in wholefood nutrition and food as medicine and aims to promote practical and evidence-based treatment strategies. He is passionate about mental health, mood disorders and neurodegenerative conditions and the preventative potential of functional medicine in relation to these conditions.