2021 Virtual Clinicians Corner

October 20, 2021 noon - 1 p.m. AEST

Join us online at Endeavour College of Natural Health's first ever Virtual Clinicians Corner as part of the Virtual Career Expo!

Wondering where your course can take you, and how you navigate starting out as a practitioner? We have a range of alumni joining us in our Virtual Clinicians Corner so you can gain insights and inspiration!

Our Clinicians:

virtual clinicinas.PNG

Kathryn Khiroya is a Clinical Nutritionist, Buteyko Breathing practitioner, Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor. Kathryn is a great advocate for community health + wellbeing and is actively involved in school and community committees and activities where she loves serving alongside her husband and two daughters.

Anthony Hartcher is the owner of me&my wellness. He is a passionate, caring, client focused, Clinical Nutritionist who specialises in Mental Health, Children’s Health and Body Transformation. He is a firm believer in treating the whole person, ensuring all aspects of wellbeing are addressed and supported

Since graduating, Lisa Stanton Smith supports athletes in optimising their nutritional strategy for performance both at elite and recreational levels. She's also adept at treating tumultuous gut issues and chronic fatigue.

Kim Patterson is an Endeavour graduate naturopath, who works closely with women with anxiety, stress, fatigue, and low vitality. Those overachievers who are burnt out. Offering friendly consults which are grounded in authenticity and non-judgment, Kim treats these issues well because she has lived them.

Sonia Ellery is a sought after Naturopath with the ability, experience and knowledge to help change the quality of your life. Her approach is practical, empowering and individualised. ​Sonia is passionate about health and helping individuals realise their own health potential.

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