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Oral presentation of Honours research projects

Brisbane Campus or Online

Endeavour students, alumni and staff are invitated to the oral presentation of Honours research projects, and Honours students present the results of their completed research project via an oral presentation for 40 minutes with 10 minutes question time.

Students will provide a detailed overview of their Honours research project to an audience of peers and academics. The presentations include: 

  • Relevant background information 
  • Previous research in the area and where the research fits within this research 
  • The design and methodology of the project 
  • The results of the project 
  • Important implications of the results (e.g. practice implications, policy implications, future research directions etc.)

The research presentation time slots and topics are:

  • 10:30-11:20 – Bradley Leech (Nutrition Honours): Investigation into complementary medicine practitioners clinical experience of intestinal permeability. Supervised by Dr Amie Steel (Primary) and Dr Janet Schloss (Co-supervisor)
  • 11:20-12:10 – Jessica Bayes (Nutrition Honours): A pilot trial examining the safety and efficacy of various oral forms of folic acid supplementation in a healthy population. Supervised by: Dr Janet Schloss (Primary) and Dr Nitish Agrawal (Co-supervisor)

The presentations can be attended in person on the Brisbane campus (Room G.19) or online via webinar.

This is an excellent professional development opportunity and supports the culmination of Endeavour’s Honour research.