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Challenges and successes involved in launching a natural health book

Join nutrition graduate Emma Ellice-Flint for this Q & A style webinar where you can ask Emma about the challenges and successes she had along the way to launching The Happy Hormone Cookbook

Emma will discuss the scientific evidence behind the book and how she spent hours reading research articles about nutrients, foods and female hormone balance while also listening to her patients and discovering what made a difference to them. 

Bringing all this knowledge together, plus her experience as a chef, allowed Emma to write her cookbook which is full of wholesome and delicious recipes. 

About the presenter

Nutritionist and former chef Emma Ellice-Flint is passionate about making a difference to people’s lives through nutrition and natural medicine. She founded her practice Eatcetera Nutrition with the aim of giving patients the knowledge they need to create healthy lives for themselves and their families. 

Emma welcomes and treats patients with all conditions but digestive wellness and hormone balance are topics close to her heart. So much so that she wrote an evidenced-based cookbook about female hormone balance called The Happy Hormone Cookbook. She brings together years of clinical experience, evidence-based nutritional advice, a wealth of knowledge about food and the excitement that goes with that understanding.