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Student Charter and Code of Conduct

The Student Charter aims to foster Endeavour values and encourage active engagement between the College and the student body within the contexts of professional practice, teaching and learning, research and the life of the College community.

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The purpose of this Charter that underpins the Endeavour student experience is to define the partnership that exists between students, the staff who teach them and the broader College community. This charter outlines what it means to be student member of the Endeavour community and student responsibilities and expectations.

Our values guide each and every interaction we have with students, staff, consumers and stakeholders. All members of the Endeavour College community are expected to value:

Students First: Translating our passion for learning into the empowerment of our students by enabling them to compete and succeed when they leave our care in a way no other organisation does.

Curious: We leverage clarity and creativity and use evidence-based decision making to continuously improve. We speak the facts, and do not create mythology based on incorrect information. We ask the hard and important questions to ensure outcomes fitting our students, staff and organisation.

Delivering: We take personal responsibility by making promises we can keep and delivering on them every time. Not trying to do everything but holding ourselves and each other to account for doing the really important things, well.

Ambitious: We recognise that our success stems from balancing our commercial aspirations to grow with meeting the needs of our students, partners, staff and stakeholders.

Huddle: We recognise that our capacity to contribute as a whole is greater than the sum of our parts. By rallying around ideas, goals and challenges, we consciously find ways to bring everything we have and believe in to the table to succeed together as one organisation.

Happiness: We value positivity, joy, encouragement and strive to  be in the moment. As individuals we understand we carry responsibility for our own happiness regardless of the situation or context, and that in turn informs how we “show up” in the workplace.

Student expectations

Students should expect the following from their experience at Endeavour College of Natural Health:

As an individual:

  • To be treated respectfully, fairly and equally irrespective of disability or cultural background
  • To be motivated, inspired, challenged and stimulated for the duration of their program of study
  • To be valued and heard
  • To receive protection of privacy and confidentiality of information

As a student:

  • To be able to participate in relevant and industry defined up to date practice via well designed curriculum and best practice principles
  • To obtain consistent and clear information regarding policies and procedures
  • To be supplied with an effective mechanism for providing feedback on learning and being able to request review of grades without fear of recrimination
  • To receive close engagement with discipline based colleagues and practitioners who are experts in their fields
  • To participate in a vibrant, engaged learning environment supported by responsive academic staff, practitioners and Student Services
  • To be provided with guidance and instruction from confident and competent teachers who are motivated and accessible and provide timely direction and feedback on performance
  • To receive ready access to support services and intervention strategies for ensuring academic, professional and personal success
  • To be provided with excellent teaching and learning resources and services that promote scholarly activity and differing learning requirements
  • To have access to an amenable campus environment with flexible learning and social interaction spaces
  • To be provided with opportunity to contribute to the College community and to be represented and actively involved in relevant College committees
  • For all College staff to interact with students with honesty, integrity and in a timely manner
  • The recognition of the intellectual property rights of students to their work
  • The provision of a student-centred approach to all services including information technology, library and student support
  • A safe and healthy College environment

As a developing professional:

  • To be provided with opportunities for career development
  • To be well prepared for future employment and lifelong learning
  • To be provided with the opportunity to continue to be involved in Alumni and College events after graduation

Student responsibilities

Endeavour expects students to take on the following responsibilities as members of the College community:

As an individual:

  • To be respectful, fair and value equality irrespective of disability or cultural background to all members of the college community
  • To be motivated, inspired, challenged and stimulated for the duration of their program of study
  • To ensure that others within the College community are valued and heard
  • To provide members of the College community with protection of privacy and confidentiality of information

As a student:

  • Be well informed about course requirements and seek academic assistance if in doubt
  • Ensure and maintain course progression as per the requirements of the regulatory bodies and professional associations
  • Take responsibility to self-manage enrolment and course planning, using advice provided by the College though its personnel and web services
  • Accept and act on the advice and feedback given regarding academic performance
  • Prepare diligently for all qualifications, future professional practice and lifelong learning
  • Fully accept and understand the annual fee schedule which is published ahead of each calendar year
  • Accept full payment of fees is expected at the commencement of each unit of study
  • Take responsibility for own behaviour, education and self-directed learning including incorporating constructive feedback in their learning
  • Actively engage as diligent learners and participate in all teaching and learning activities including submission of all assessments in a timely manner
  • Be informed of all current policies and procedures, support services and academic requirements and seek guidance if unsure
  • Responsibly observe all of the College’s policies and procedures
  • Support continuous improvement through the provision of honest and constructive feedback on academic and support services
  • Display professional conduct at all times while undertaking study, clinical practicum and other educational exchanges

As a developing professional:

  • To pursue scholarly activity and professional practice which contribute positively to the profile of the College and the profession at large
  • To actively involve themselves in continuous improvement, and professional development that reflects current regulatory and association requirements
  • To contribute to their local community and create partnerships in a manner that is representative of natural medicine philosophy and Endeavour values

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