Exams at Endeavour

The following information is designed to help understand Endeavour’s examinations and assessment process.

Students are expected to be informed of and responsibly observe all of the College’s policies and procedures.

The following information is designed to help understand Endeavour’s examinations and assessment process. Please refer to the Examinations policy and Assessment policy for further information.

Preparing for Examinations and Assessments

Examination preparation and exam technique resources are available via the Study Skills section of the Learning Management System.

Please contact Student Services should you require any assistance.

Examination Timetable

On campus

  • Students can refer to the On Campus Study Calendar for the Semester Final Examination period
  • The Final Examination Timetable is published for all final exams at least 6 weeks prior to the final examination period
  • Students will be notified of the timetable release via the Student Portal and LMS
  • The Semester final examination period commences on the Monday of week 16 and continues until the Friday of week 17
  • Students can view the Semester Final Examination Timetable via the Resources & Links section of the Student Portal. Please note, this is for On campus study only


  • Students can refer to the Online Study Calendar for the scheduled Final Examination week
  • The Final Examination day, date and time will be posted to the Noticeboard and The Loop of the subject within the Learning Management System at least 6 weeks prior to the examination week
  • It is the student's responsibility to regularly check The Loop for important Final examination updates and information
  • As per the Examination policy, online students are not eligible to attend an examination scheduled for the on campus cohort and must only attend the scheduled examination for their online cohort

Examination Process

  • Students are required to bring their Student Identification card to all examinations as proof of identity. Other photographic identification may be acceptable i.e. Passport or Drivers licence
  • Students should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled examination start time
  • Students are permitted to take one bottle of water into the examination (no other food or drink will be permitted). No glass bottles will be permitted
  • Pens will be supplied. Students are not permitted to take their own pens into the examination
  • Students who arrive more than 30 minutes after the examination start time will not be permitted entry into the examination room

Deferred Examination

  • Students can apply for a deferred examination if they are unable to sit an examination due to medical or reasons outlined in the Examination Policy - Higher Education.
  • Only examinations worth 15% or more of the final grade can be deferred.
  • Applications for a deferred examination must be lodged online via the ‘Deferred Examination Application Form' found on your Student Portal under ‘Resources & Links’. This form must be completed within three days of the exam date and must be accompanied by supporting documentation.
  • Please note that the deferred exam dates and times are non-negotiable.
  • Misreading the timetable is not a valid reason for granting a deferred examination.

External Invigilation

To be eligible to apply for an external examination, you must live more than 100 kilometres from an Endeavour campus and be studying in online mode. No applications for external exam invigilation will be accepted for any students enrolled in on campus mode for a subject.

Who can supervise my exam?

External invigilation cannot be overseen by a family member, personal friend or work colleague. The nominated exam supervisor is to be of good standing. Examples of those who can supervise an external exam are:

  • Qualified Medical Practitioner (e.g. Chiropractor, Dentist, Medical practitioner, Nurse, Optometrist, Pharmacist)
  • Professional (e.g. Lawyer, Accountant)
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Minister of religion, or marriage celebrant
  • Teacher
  • Librarian
  • Professional examination invigilator (e.g. exam centre or at another higher education institution)

External invigilators must agree to undertake this role in a voluntary capacity with no expectation of payment of any kind. The exception to this is if the student chooses to engage a professional examination invigilator (e.g. at an exam centre or another higher education institution), in which case the student will be responsible for any payments or outgoings to the invigilator.

How do I apply?

Eligible students are required to complete Part A of the Nomination of External Exam Invigilator Form (page 2 of this document), and have their nominated exam supervisor complete Part B and return it to the Examination Department along with the nominated supervisor’s proof of credentials or qualification (e.g. business card or certification / registration). Lodgements that do not include the nominated supervisor’s proof of credential/s or qualification/s will not be considered.

If you are eligible to apply for external invigilation, you must submit the Nomination of External Exam Invigilator Form at least one calendar month prior to the final exam period. Email the completed form to examination@endeavour.edu.au.

When will the examination be scheduled?

Dates of external examinations are scheduled on the same day and time as advertised on the Notice Board and The Loop within your subject in the Learning Management System.

How will I be notified of the outcome?

Your application will be processed within 10 working days of the reciept of your form and you will be notified of the acceptance or otherwise via email.

How will the examination be dispatched?

The exam paper and invigilation instructions will be emailed to your supervisor approximately 2-3 working days prior to the exam date.