Credit Transfer

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Credit transfer is the process used to grant exemption of Higher Education subjects at Endeavour based on tertiary subjects completed with another HE provider.

Credit transfer relates to students who have studied or are currently studying a Higher Education (HE) degree with a University or private HE provider. If you have studied with a VET provider (Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma), please refer to the Articulation page.

Credit transfers from a HE provider to Endeavour can be granted under the following circumstances:

  • When studies taken at another educational institution are equivalent to, or correspond with, the subject being applied for
  • When a subject completed at Endeavour in another degree has the same Code, Title and Credit Point value as that required in a second degree
  • When the subject studied has the same learning outcomes and methods of assessment as the subject being applied for
  • When the subject studied falls within the Educational Pathways Policy - HE timeframe of eight year currency of content for external Credit Transfers and 10 year currency of content for internal Credit transfers

Advanced Standing Limit

At no time will Endeavour confer advanced standing for more than 67% of a Higher Education qualification.This means that the maximum advanced standing possible toward a three year degree (96 credits) is 63 credits (two years). The maximum advanced standing possible toward a four year degree (128 credits) is 85 credits (a little more than two and a half years).

Applying for Credit Transfer

The process for credit transfer is outlined in the Credit Transfer Procedure - HE to HE. The student must supply appropriate information as outlined in the Credit Transfer Form - HE to HE.

Application for advanced standing must be made at least 20 days prior to census date of the relevant subject to permit processing, decision making and communication of the result to the student. In general students are advised to make an advanced standing application immediately after enrolling.

Email your completed application form and academic transcripts to

Providing Evidence for Credit Transfer

It is the responsibility of the student to confirm the learning outcomes of the subject that they are applying for, and that there is a substantial crossover in these with the subject they have already studied. It is very important that you make an effort to present your application in a manner that facilitates assessment.

Appealing a Decision

If the Applicant thinks the Credit Transfer process was not handled in accordance with Endeavour's Educational Pathways policies, they may appeal the outcome through the College grievance process. Refer to Grievance Policy.