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Endeavour Alumni and natural health leaders highlight how they overcame their own challenges to achieve successful careers in the natural health industry.

Webinar Recordings

Graduate Success Story: Naturopath Aliesha Whetham

Recorded 9 October 2019

Join Endeavour graduate Aliesha Whetham who will share with you the career successes and challenges she has experienced since graduating from Endeavour.

During this webinar Aliesha will also discuss:

- How your passions can guide your healthcare practice

- Why understanding yourself is an essential underpinning for becoming a balanced practitioner

- Navigating the potential gap between graduating and practicing

- The benefits of connecting with a mentor

Confessions of an Acupuncture Professional: Motivational Stories and Success-driven Strategies

Recorded 24 September 2019

Dr Chris Fehres (registered acupuncturist) spoke about his personal experience of when he first started studying acupuncture, to graduating and then finding his place in the world as an acupuncture practitioner.

Graduate Success Story: Acupuncturist Gregory Dunn

Recorded 21 August 2019

Join Endeavour alumni Gregory Dunn who shared the career successes and challenges he has experienced since graduating from Endeavour.

Graduate Success Story - Bianca Potenta

Recorded on 15 September

Endeavour alumni Bianca Potenta will share with you the career successes and challenges she has experienced since graduating from Endeavour.

Kira Sutherland: Working as a Nutritionist with athletes

Recorded on 8 June 2017

Listed to Kira Sutherland’s Q and A style webinar where based on her own successful career Kira answered questions regarding working as a nutritionist with athletes, the different types of clientele and the possible career options available.

Emma Ellice-Flint: Challenges and successes involved in launching a natural health book

Recorded on 11 May 2017

Listen to nutrition graduate Emma Ellice-Flint’s Q & A style webinar where Emma talked about the challenges and successes she had along the way to launching The Happy Hormone Cookbook. Emma discussed the scientific evidence behind the book and how she spent hours reading research articles about nutrients, foods and female hormone balance while also listening to her patients and discovering what made a difference to them. She highlighted how this knowledge together combined with her experience as a chef allowed her to write her cookbook which is full of wholesome and delicious recipes.

Katherine Maslen

Recorded on 8 February 2017

Successful Endeavour alumni Katherine Maslen shared the career successes and challenges she experienced since graduating from Endeavour, opening Brisbane Natural Health and how introducing workshops added to her business success.

Emma Sutherland – Making it in the Real World

Recorded on 14 July 2016

Jessica Cox

Recorded on 15 September 2015

Successful Nutritionist Jessica Cox highlights her student life at Endeavour and how she was able to transition into employment to be Owner/Director of the successful JCN Clinic.

Adele Bishop

Recorded on 16 July 2015

Acupuncture graduate Adele Bishop shares helpful tips that enabled her to open up her own successful clinic AcuBalance.

Endeavour Graduates working at Health World

Recorded on 9 July 2015

Health World Limited is a market leader of natural medicines in Australia and provides high quality nutritional supplements to healthcare professionals and consumers. Its retail products are Inner Health, Ethical Nutrients and Endura. Health World's practitioner products are Metagenics, Health World TCM and Sun Ten.

Sam Gowing

Recorded on 14 May 2015

Ronaldo Fulieri

Recorded on 19 June 2014