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Endeavour alumni and natural health leaders highlight how they overcame their own challenges to achieve successful careers in the natural health industry.

Webinar Recordings

30 years a naturopath and going strong

Recorded 7 October 2020

This Careers Service webinar with BioMedica's co-founder Daniel Baden, explores the following topics:
- A reflection on the importance of naturopathic philosophy as the primary driver to a sustainable and rewarding career.
- An introduction to the Clinic 8 concept as a clinical tool, map and guide
- Chat will include some business fundamentals, comments on dosing and interactions

Learn about volunteering opportunities

Recorded 22 April 2020

Join Franca Smarrelli from Hands on Health Australia, Carrun Squires from Involvement Volunteers International and Rotana Cheng from The Remedy who will be speaking about volunteer opportunities within Australia and abroad for Endeavour students and graduates. Each presenter will be speaking about upcoming trips their organisation will be hosting.

The Importance of Naturopathic Community and Applying Critical Thinking to Post-graduate Education

Recorded 6 November 2019

Join Rachel Arthur as she discusses the importance of cultivating a naturopathic community and applying critical thinking to post-graduate education.

During this webinar Rachel focuses on:
• Sources of education – making the transition from being fed as a student to finding food ourselves.
• Influence on practice behaviours when we rely on education from commercial sources.
• The lack of formal internship pathways in natural health professions
• Flipping the ‘naturopathic story’ to create sustainable careers and help more people.

Top 10 Transitioning To Employment Tips

Recorded 30 October 2019

Join Raleigh Wallace and Sophie Buchinger from the Careers Service as they highlight the various career opportunities available for students currently studying at Endeavour and their top 10 tips for transitioning to employment successfully.

This webinar will cover:
• Endeavour’s Career Planner Tool
• Networking
• Marketing/Hidden Job Market
• Raising your profile
• Work Experience/Internships
• Mentoring

Career Focus - Working in the Corporate Wellness Sector

23 October 2019

Join current naturopathic student Samantha Reid and recent nutrition graduate Mary-Leigh Scheerhoorn who will discuss their experiences in delivering corporate wellness programs.

During this Q & A style webinar Samantha will outline how she became employed at KPMG and the day-to-day tasks/areas she is currently focusing on at KPMG. Mary-Leigh will guide us through her journey since completing her studies in 2017 including how she commenced the corporate consulting branch of her business Genesis Health & Lifestyle Solutions.

Industry Panel: Becoming Employed in the Natural Health Industry

3 October 2018

Endeavour graduates Delina Rahmate (Nutrition), Troy Randall (Myotherapy), Bianca Potenta (Naturopathy), Chris Fehres (Acupuncture), Laurence Katsaras (Metagenics) and Helene Deizel from the Office of Research formed this online Industry Panel where they answered a range of questions from current students related to becoming employed in the natural health industry and starting out in business.

Transitioning to employment successfully

11 July 2018

Join successful Endeavour graduate Bianca Potenta who will give students tips on what they need to focus on while studying that will assist them with their transition to employment.

What Happens When the Healer Can't Heal - Jodie Coall

Recorded on 18 February 2016

Supporting Each Other in Professional Practice - Zofia Dymitr

Recorded on 16 July 2015