Support During Study

The ECS assists students in identifying their values, career goals and the actions you need to take whilst studying to give you the best chance of achieving a successful career upon graduation.

Career Planner

The Endeavour Career planner has been created to allow you to invest time in identifying your ideal career path which will enable you to start planning for your future career whilst studying.

The Career planner consists of four career activities which supports you in identifying your values, career goal, strengths, the opportunities available to you and the actions you need to take that will give you an employability edge when you graduate.

Most importantly, once you have collated this information and have a clear career direction you will be able to list on your Career planner the various actions that you need to complete, the dates you need to complete them by with the aim of this assisting you with your transition to employment.

Access the Career Planner at using your Library login details.

If you need assistance after attempting the career planner activities, please contact ECS via email or call 1300 884 246.

Careers Assistance

Career services that are available to all students include:

  • On campus/skype careers advisor appointments
  • Access to Endeavour's successful Natural Health Webinar program
  • Annual on-campus careers activities
  • Industry/employer/alumni presentations
  • Job preparation assistance
  • Access to Endeavour’s online jobs board
  • Industry/alumni panels
  • Access to employment preparation resources

Transitioning to Work

Endeavour has developed the What To Consider When Planning Your Career booklet which contains important steps graduates have identified that you should consider whilst studying to assist you in transitioning from studying to commencing your own practice/starting your successful career in natural health.

Endeavour's Careers Service has identified some important steps that you should take whilst studying to assist you achieve your career goals. Access the following link to find out more.

Career Possibilities Workshop

This is a recording of a workshop facilitated by Senior Lecturer Elizabeth Greenwood focusing on the career possibilities of Endeavour students studying naturopathy and nutrition.

This recording will provide you with an awareness of career options available to you, identify suitable career paths that inspire you the most, and encourage self-reflection.