Career Outlook

Sara Capacci

Sara Capacci

Business owner

How did you get your current job?

I created it. I started blogging for my website and others, creating social media content to support and inspire other women and this has been really valuable in understanding exactly what I wanted to focus on.

What’s a typical working day like?

Having two young boys and them being my priority, I only work during school hours and not every day!

I have two businesses: “The Connection Project” a platform I have created to support and inspire other women to re-connect to who they are and their values, declutter the physical and psychological clutter and focus on what’s important to them and gives them joy. I have created an online course that kind of works on autopilot, but I still answer questions and have a Facebook group to create community and give support.

Then I also run The Modern Alkimista, a recently launched new brand of Certified Organic Essential Oils set with intention (based in Brisbane). Our first collection is based on the five elements and it has been created to inspire people to create more time and space for connection, healing, personal rituals, and transformation.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The variety of tasks and the feeling I get when people send me messages of appreciation because a simple practice has changed the way they perceive their life. Priceless

What are the challenges?

I wanted to create a location free business, so while this happened, the challenge is travelling with kids and timezone differences when we are overseas.

How relevant is your degree in complementary medicine?

I didn’t display my degree on my website at first, but people started to ask for my qualifications as I guess they have had bad experiences in the past. It gives me credibility, but also my own personal understanding of the importance of good ethic and scope of practice, as well as knowledge that allows me to suggest and refer people to different therapists/health care practitioners that may be helpful in their specific situations. Attending Endeavour also provided a network of amazing practitioners I can refer people to.

What did you love about studying at Endeavour?

The experiences and incredible teachers.

How has your career developed and what are your career ambitions?

I just launched my second business and I am thinking about starting a Master’s degree.

What are your top tips for others wanting to study?

Grab pen and paper and give yourself few days to write down WHY you would like to study this degree, what is the plan and set realistic goals that fit in your current lifestyle. Studying can be extremely rewarding but also extremely hard, especially when combined with other life commitments like work, family, young kids etc. Going back to that first journal that reminds you of WHY you are doing it, helps to overcome difficulties or puts them into perspective within the BIG PLAN.