Complementary Medicine

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Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) refers to natural health modalities, practices and theories used in the maintenance of health as well as the prevention, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of illness.

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Complementary Medicine

Public interest in Complementary Medicine (CM) is strong, driving ever increasing investment in the field and pushing for its integration into the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. The Bachelor of Complementary Medicine provides students with a broad perspective about the scope of CM in the overall context of today’s healthcare environment, such as public health, ethics, research, health promotion and health behaviour. With exposure to a wide variety of natural medicine disciplines, students will be able to develop a sophisticated appreciation of their interrelationships and contribution to multidisciplinary and integrative health settings. The range in the elective streams allow students to build knowledge in specific areas of their choosing. The degree has been built so that it can lead to further study so graduates can become a practitioner should they desire.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Complementary medicine may work in the allied sectors of the natural medicine industry as:

  • Managers, Patient Services Coordinators or Receptionists in multidisciplinary/integrative medicine clinic or health retreats
  • Clinic Assistant/Facilitator in behavioural change support programs (e.g. public health initiatives)
  • Health store owners/operators
  • Product sales representatives for natural products companies
  • Customer service representative/advisor for health funds
  • Administration in a health-related not-for profit/charity organisation
  • Health and lifestyle advisor e.g. fitness centre
  • Retail and pharmacy assistants (particularly in natural health stores)
  • Lifestyle blogging
  • Complementary medicine program administrator in organisations (e.g. aged care)
  • Natural health marketing and promotion consultant
  • Wellness coaching and health promotion advisor
  • CAM representative for broad range of industries

Depending on the graduate’s previous skills and qualifications, outcomes could also include:

  • Integrative health advisor within a conventional medicine setting
  • Policy Advisor/Writer at any level of government (health and lifestyle areas)
  • Complementary health nurses in specialist settings (e.g. oncology, aged care)
  • Health and lifestyle journalist
  • Manufacturing and supply chain roles

Content Creator

Using your flair for visual and written communication you can create specific content to be used by yourself or companies employing you for:

  • Social media
  • Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Magazines
  • eBooks
  • Industry publications
  • Marketing collateral


For students with a keen interest in research, there is an opportunity to apply for the Summer Research Program

Further study opportunities

This course will prepare students for further study in a variety of fields including health science, public health, public administration, health administration and social work. Some further study options for graduates of this degree include (but are not limited to):

  • Bachelor of Health Science in a specialised CM discipline (possibly with some Advanced Standing)
  • Bachelor degrees in other areas of science (e.g. pre-medicine)
  • Graduate Certificate in Public Health
  • Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion
  • Graduate Certificate of Health Administration
  • Graduate Certificate of Public Administration
  • Diploma of Clinic Management (VET)
  • Diploma of Nursing (VET)