BioMedica 2-day Internship

Endeavour and BioMedica have partnered to offer third and fourth year naturopathy students the opportunity to participate in a two day volunteer internship program.

BioMedica 2-day Internship

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The internship program gave students the opportunity to spend time on the road with a BioMedica Practitioner Educator and learn from their interactions with different practitioners and clinics. The Practitioner Educators introduced new products, the research behind them as well as identifying new prescribing information for existing products.


  • "This internship gave me a great idea of various career options available following the end of my degree. I also learnt a lot about different products within the BioMedica range which I could use in clinic and how they work. Overall, a great program to be a part of." - Perth Campus Naturopathy student. 
  • "The internship was a fantastic experience. I gained a lot from observing the interactions between the BioMedica consultant and practitioners. As a student, the opportunity to meet a variety of practitioners with considerable industry experience, and increase my product knowledge at the same time was very valuable. I would highly recommend this experience to other students to gain an insight into clinical practice and future career options in natural health." - Sydney Campus Naturopathy student
  • "Having had the opportunity and experience of undertaking an internship through BioMedica it has given me a great understanding and insight into the opportunities which are available to Naturopaths. The BioMedica internship provided me with an in depth knowledge on a supplement brand, which I knew very little about and the details of compounding supplements. With this knowledge I have can now move forward with clarity on where I want my career to go and most importantly what I need to do in order to get there." - Melbourne Campus Naturopathy student