ANPA - 2019 Student Bursary Application

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  • 31 Jul 2019

The ANPA is committed to the preservation of the legacy of naturopathy created more than one hundred years ago. Strong traditions must be kept alive to ensure the future of the naturopathic profession. Naturopathy students will contribute to this legacy by reading, writing, describing, clarifying and understanding the essential foundational concepts that are the core essence of how and why the profession of naturopathy is timeless.

To support these traditions, the ANPA and AUSTRALIAN NATURALCARE are offering 5 x $1000 bursaries to assist students in their studies.

Who can apply:

● 3 rd or 4th year students

● Enrolled in a Bachelor of Naturopathy program at an accredited Australian educational institution

● ANPA student members Not yet a member?

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Essay Topic:

Naturopathy has existed for more than one hundred years. Naturopathic care continues to be as effective today for acute and chronic conditions because it is based on timeless principles. Naturopathy is an art informed by science with a deep connection to nature. Elders of the profession have taught, practiced and written about how the ‘laws of nature’ and the ‘Healing Power of Nature – The Vis Medicatrix Naturae’ affects the body, mind and spirit. Henry Lindlahr (1862 – 1924) was one of these naturopathic elders who wrote a cornerstone text for the profession.

The 3 sections below must be included in your essay.

1. Describe how the traditional philosophy of naturopathy continues to be as relevant today as when it was written and described by Lindlahr in his book “Nature Cure’. The following four chapters from Nature Cure must be included as the basis of your discussion: - Catechism of Nature Cure – Chapter II - The Unity of Disease and Treatment – Chapter IV - The Laws of Cure – Chapter VI - Suppression vs Elimination – Chapter VII

2. Include a case study where the treatment plan has incorporated the naturopathic philosophy based on the four Nature Cure chapters.

3. Describe in a separate paragraph what is unique about naturopathic philosophy – based on the four chapters from Nature Cure and how a naturopathic approach is different from that of mainstream medicine, integrated medicine and functional medicine.

Submissions CLOSE: 31/07/2019

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