Endeavour supports research as a process which facilitates the creation of new complementary and integrative medicine knowledge, and draws on research to inform curriculum content, design and development as well as organisational policy. We recognise research which honours the roots of complementary and integrative medicine in all of its forms not only aligns with our own organisational values, but also the values of the students who choose to study with Endeavour and the attributes of our graduates. Through robust and rigorous research, the true value of complementary and integrative medicine within contemporary healthcare, and as a result the ongoing viability of the professions our graduates will enter into can be realised.

Endeavour is an institution with diverse activities and aspirations however these all centre on supporting and promoting exceptional health practitioners through delivering the highest standards in education and training.

Human Research Ethics Committee

The Endeavour College of Natural Health's Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) provides researchers an external review process to ensure proposed research projects are ethically acceptable. Research projects that are deemed acceptable will be approved and monitored by the committee. Read more